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Spring Offensive new acoustic EP, and the Knitorious M.E.G strikes again for Valentine's Day...

February 14th 2011

Knitorious MEG lover's lane

Knitorious M.E.G, wearer of many hats over therein Richmond, Virginia, in the USA, has struck again with her yarn-bombing. This time for Valentine’s Day. In her world today, every lane is Lovers Lane. More knitted street art for a sunny Monday morning…Wonton Power is the website for The Knitorious M.E.G, -
And an interview with The Knitorious M.E.G here:

SPRING OFFENSIVE - Between Me & You  (self release) – The Oxford band have a rather intimate five track acoustic EP out today (as a download-only thing with a pay what you want or indeed have it for free kind of arrangement – just for this week mind so be quick, something to do with a Valentine’s day preposal ). They’re a rather emotional band, an inward looking band, all relationships gone wrong and uneasy and it is all my fault and isn’t life tough, you suspect middle class English life and you suspect it really isn’t that tough, and despite all that its kind of hard not to like the inward looking emotion of Spring Offensive…Why? Because it's beautifully crafted music, alive with simple details. Lyrically and vocally the songs and delivery are kind of Frank Turner in nature, touching on I Like Trains if it wasn’t quite so personal and inward looking and they didn’t sing in that very English boy look at me emotional kind of way. 

 Spring Offensive  Hearts on sleeves honesty, angsty, wordy, personal songs, the acoustic format brings out all their colour, don’t know if we need this much despair though, they don’t sound old enough to be this world-weary, especially when the music they craft is so beautifully uplifting. All this competing and who’s fault is it... bedroom-gloomists who’d make the early Smiths days of Morrissey sound like the Laughing Gnome in comparison. Is it really that bad that they need to start a song by declaring they feel so young and pointless when they had so so much ambition? And you know they can’t control it, well they say we know – it is rather delicious melancholy though, glorious textures, can’t help but like their crafted sound in this quiet considered full-bodied string-detailed acoustic format. Rather beautifully produced and if you don’t let those lyrics drag you down too much, something rather glowing – Explore more here -  

Let's have some more Knitorious M.E.G before we go:

Knitorious Lovers' Lane

Lovers' Lane

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