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February 17th 2011

Lilies On Mars

LILIES ON MARS are playing tonight (Thursday February 17th) at the opening of artist Iris Schieferstein’s new show at the MILKandLEAD gallery, East London (1A Turville Street E2).

The delightfully experimental dream-pop three piece are preparing for the release of their new album, Wish You Were A Pony, and playing a number of London show in suitably different places. Their latest single Aquarium’s Key, first track from the new album, is available to download (on a pay whatever you wish basis) from their website. Aquarium’s Key is a beautifully uncluttered piece of warm glowing poignancy. The three piece, two girls on guitars and voices, one boy on delicate drums, have a ethereal other-worldly quality to their experimental pop, healthy hints of what some would call shoe-gazing, atmospheric pieces of warmly textured pop, very much pop, soft waves of reverb and subdued electronica that’s far to considered to really be called lo-fi…

“Lilies on Mars are a three-piece experimental shoegaze band based in London, comprised of Lisa Masia, Marina Cristofalo and Matthew Parker. Lisa and Marina met over ten years ago and were the touring and film collaborators of Italian icon Franco Battiato before forming Lilies on Mars in August 2008.

Fascinated by the spirit of DIY, they produced, mixed and self-released their debut album in April 2009. Shortly after, they debuted live at La Cigale Theatre in Paris with Franco Battiato and continued touring on their own in UK, Italy, Germany and USA for the whole 2009/beginning 2010. Following collaborations with various musicians, Lisa and Marina welcomed Matthew Parker (ex-Sunny Day sets fire) to join them on the drums. In June 2010, the 3-piece band spent two weeks recording their second album which will be available in 2011”.

The Lilies On Mars album will be coming out via the rather fascinating Elsewhere Factory :

“ELSEWHERE factory is a creative collective that produces innovative projects and events as part of contemporary culture. Founded in 2008, ELSEWHERE factory focuses on the journey from conception to production to communication. The collective’s central node is the constant search for new ways to collaborate with artists and audiences, supporting a growing network of diverse work that contributes to the community. Drawing on the vibrancy of the underground, ELSEWHERE factory seeks to recontextualize the very institutions that seem the least remarkable”.

Further exploration here…

And watch this space for news of a Lilies On Mars/ Elsewhere Factory/ Organ collaboration next month to tie in with the launch of the band’s album…

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