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February 20th 2011

Quadrilles Single coverSunday’s Thing of the Day is nice and uncluttered: the debut single from London’s Quadrilles  

QUADRILLES – Jigsaw Technique (self release) – Quadrilles are “a semi-instrumental triumvirate based in London” and this is their rather breezy debut single; they say they “mostly squeeze math-rock into three minute nuggets”, and yes that’s what they have here; three shiny breezy math-pop nuggets. All very uplifting and smile inducing and all with a slight air of innocence, they have an elegant beauty and if this is math-rock, then it thankfully comes without the clichés that have made the notions associated with the genre repetitively uninviting in recent times. These two infectious tracks are excellent, they remind us of the twisted crowman chaeroplane rides of the much missed Ring, especially the second, Bobcat Goldthrait. I know, very obscure reference these days, but for some Ring were a little bit of legend, those who know will have their ears pricked right up as a result of that reference – it is to be taken high praise indeed. 

   Quadrilles have that sunny uplifting smile Ring had, their clever pop has a fine jingle to it, their maths is bright, their sound refreshing, ear-friendly crescendos, inviting rather than aloof – a bright, confident two track single from a rather fine new band who we suspect could well develop in rather interesting ways….

Jigsaw Technique is out “via iTunes and other platforms” from March 11th
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There’s a previous demo that you can download from the band’s website right now, good but nowhere near as good as the new single. The demo sounds like a band still finding their sound and finding their identity. But it's decent enough and well worth grabbing while you can, kind of tells you where they’ve come from and tells you that they don’t want to just be another math-rock band – they’re moving on, grab the demo, it is good, but the Jigsaw Technique/Bobcat Goldthrait single is where this really starts. Hear both tracks from the single here -

And they put up a rather good remix of Jigsaw Technique earlier today as well

Quadrilles are
Ken Chu on the guitar
Paula Faircloth on the drums
Jamie Ballard on the bass

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