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Wolf People, Howard James Kenny...

February 21st 2011

Monday’s Thing is a couple of forthcoming singles….

Wolf People coverWOLF PEOPLE – Silbury Sands (Jagjaguwar) - Unashamedly retro, folk flavoured psychedelic hard progressive rock like they made back in the Led Zeppelin-ruled days of the early 1970’s.  Lead track is off last year’s rather tasty debut album Steeple. They’ve got a touch of Edgar Broughton in there, Jethro Tull, Camel, healthy hint of an English take on Jefferson Airplane... they’re none,Wolf People none more retro, classic psychedelic hard rock and not a hint of a modern bone anywhere near anyone’s body. The b-side is a new track, a not quite so hard rock driven thing called Dry, a very folky driven psychedelic thing, almost a Canterbury scene thing.  They say they are 'from Bedford, London and Yorkshire' - their sound is a satisfyingly genuine, English prog/folk/blues  psychedelic hard rock, the real deal...

The single is out on March 7th as a classic slice of 7” vinyl or (in this case a criminally wrong) digital download. The album should have come out on eight track cartridge; more details here –   

You can find a free download of the a-side on the label website –

And here’s a You Tube of a different Wolf People song -  come on, how much more retro can it be…?  

HOWARD JAMES KENNY – Insects (Hushed) - You know, it all depends on what kind of day you’re having when you catch Howard James Kenny... the other day it was sounding like awfully (awfully) polite Sigur Ros and all sugar and not much spice as it floated by in a very slow moving fluffy cloud of angelic niceness. Been back to the disc a few times since and no, it wasn’t quite connecting, there was something in there, though.  A couple of days ago Insects started to sound rather pleasant with those quiet choral strings and the peaceful ‘perfection’ of it all, lush post-rock undercurrent to a slow moving song that Howard James Kennycomes with a delicate quiet considered full-body to it… and now we’ve had time and space to consider and listen a few more times, to really let it all breathe and let the beauty of it all earworm in, this is indeed rather fine. Beautifully detailed, lush, glowing…  First track off the forthcoming debut album so it seems, rather looking forward to the album now… got to take times with these things…

The single is out on March 7th
The album, Shelter Songs, on April 11th

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(wonder why bands and such don’t bother with ‘proper’ websites these days? MySpace has become such a user unfriendly clusterflip of spam and junk).

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