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Devil Driver, Zu Shapes, The Great Malarky and the the Shunt collective...

February 22nd 2011

Today’s thing is either the brutal thing that is Santa Barbara, California’s Devil Driver and their new album Beast, or the rather unbrutal thing that is Baltimore, Maryland’s Friends Records and a taste on the new EP from Zu Shapes….

Devil Driver Beast coverDEVIL DRIVER – Beast (Roadrunner) – Now why does Devil Driver’s tantrum-throwing metal onslaught hit a spot that most of the other slick modern glossy metal machines don’t? Their dervish of an onslaught, their relentless pounding and their cartoon disembowelling violence. The U.S band have been consistently good, this latest album Beast is pretty much more of the same as the previous four – animalistic, primal lashes, death metal pounding and propulsive thrashing, giant hooks, metal whirlwinds, tornadoes of aggression (when you know they’re really pussycats), storm of drumming, stomp of vocals, screaming bloody gore and everything bang to rights (dead to rights?). Stomping storming modern glossy metal that for some reason that we don’t need to analyse or think about too much, satisfies in just the right brutal tantrum throwing everything out of the pram violent kind of way.
Beast is out in the UK this week. More from

Here’s the opening track off the new album:


And for those who like things a little more relaxed and a tiny bit less brutal...

Zu Shapes    Baltimore label Friends Records have just posted a new track from the very mellow ZU SHAPES. Zu Shapes is Beau Cole of Lands & Peoples and Raindeer and the track is called Olivia, you can download it now from the Friends Soundcloud page. Actually there’s a whole load of fine earfood to be explored on the Friends Soundcloud page. Alternatively you can download the track for free from the Zu Shapes Bandcamp page, where they tell us that “this is a track off of Zu Shapes' upcoming Merigold EP". Good to see them making a point of crediting the artwork as well, seems it is by Na Kim, which in turn sent to explore the good looking creativity to be

Friends Records About Friends: “Brett Yale runs a Baltimore music blog, and Jimmy MacMillan works downtown at a record store. Naturally, they are friends. They both have friends that create music, and they both embody a passion for sharing it.
Friends Records is the result, a small Baltimore music outlet that will focus on high quality analogue products with an understanding of all the rest”.

And that just took us to Brett’s Baltimore Music Blog BMORE MUSICALLY INFORMED, and now we have a load more to explore, so we’ll leave you with this for an alternative Thing Of The Day.
You don’t need us to actually write about Zu Shapes do you? You have the link to the music right there, please go have a taste and enjoy…

And finally today, before we go, a couple of parish notices…

   Here you are ladies and gentlemen, the debut video born from the lanes of East London via the most Northern and most Southern towns of Ireland, and a new band THE GREAT MALARKEY, the song is titled MERRY PROFITS, it comes from their forthcoming EP…

”Meeting in the darkened corners of the east end cabaret scene, they have decided to take to the stage with their London shanties, telling the stories of all they have seen. Get your boots on, dust off your hats, warm up those vocal chords and buckle your braces, ladies and gentlemen, this is The Great Malarkey”

Exiled from their London Bridge vaults lounge thanks to work on some shard of a tower , the ever inventive SHUNT COLLECTIVE have moved over to the ICA to bring us five days of  live performance to experience for free. All kinds of performance going on -  get tattooed in the goods lift, race sewing machines and witness long dead birds begin to breathe again in the gallery...

“Step in deeper and watch short films and gawp at a prehistoric monkey baby in an incubator in the bar, wonder at dogs let loose on the ground floor, watch out for an encounter with the embodiment of political and economic evil, witness nothingness, loneliness, grotesque puppetry and paranoid cabaret in the theatre and…”

Shunt at the ICA starts on Wednesday 23 and runs till Sunday 27 February. Entry is free. The ICA is on the Mall, central London

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