Thing of the Day 


March 5th 2011

Yes, Saturday's Thing of The Day (or is it more of an advance public heath warning?) Beware of what you may hear on your radio....

CHIPS FOR THE POOR TAKE OVER THE AIRWAVES TONIGHT for the first in a series of Saturday night shows…. Here’s what they say about it….

Chips For The Poor radio poster

“EVERY SATURDAY we go live on ResonanceFM - First there was The Monkees living the d:rEam, then S Club 7 kem along like sun drenched squat-totzzers in yur haunted fishtank… Now in the year 20:11, the bronco-saw-arse wireless has been turned over like a dirty duvet to the sounds and minds of the rat burger shifty twitchers CHIPS FOR THE POOR.  We catapult your breadbox into the freshly turned over patio-OH-OH so switch hard to at 10:30pm.

Episode 1 > Fistula
CFTP fly to Chicago next week and ahead of their appearance on kids’ TV show Chic-a-go-go! must record a lyrically clean version of their hit Fistula to mime to on the show. This show will have a live remix/reinterpretation/deterioration in the studio by James III. LISTEN

Radio poster by Kid Acne.

You can find a version of that track Fistula that they’re recording a clean version of, on the Doubledge Scissor/LondonGigs compilation that came out late last year via this page - organthing023.html 

Meanwhile here’s a Chips For The Poor Organ single review from May 17th 2010:

CHIPS FOR THE POOR – Tell Your Mum, Bolan’s Back (Invisible Spies) - Headpecker of a single, hammering at your mind in a positively repetitive manner... he’s a warrior...Angular banging softening you up ready for ranting new wave no wave shouty man to come a yelping and yapping and barking. Scratchy angular things that fall off the back of Mark E Smith’s lorry, if he was to ever have a lorry, not that anyone would let either Mr Smith or the one they have fronting Chips For The Poor drive their lorry. This as awkward as Mark E.Smith driving a lorry and yelling at everyone else on the road, on the pavement, on the phone... I Am a warrior yells the man without a lorry. No idea what shouty singer man is on about, sounds like he has a more than valid point of view though - I’m with him, whatever it is he’s on about. Three pecking tracks, bang yelp, bang bang... something to do with one-armed bandits, home made margaritas, diesel leaks and vomit. Broken Britain in full effect – c*ck, c*nt, p*nis, T*ny Blair, T*na Turner and treading carefully on wafer thin ice. Who knows what he’s on about, never fall in love with a girl like who? Excellent, wired up, on the edge, everything we need on a Monday morning. 

Five years since his last release so it claims on this press release, don’t ask me, new band, new life, a coalition to mend our broken pop music, a new start – or 

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