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March 19th 2011

There’s a RESONANCE 104.4 FM Fundraising weekend radiothon marathon phoneathon thingathon thing is upon us. Yeah yeah, we know, many people are fundraising for many important issues right now, but we do hope you agree that the unique radio station and the ongoing experiment that is London’s Resonance FM is something special and useful and worth supporting. Like everything else right now Resonance has been hit by the LibCon cuts and the survival of the station is even more in the balance than it has ever been…. This weekend is their fundraising weekend...
I Believe in Resonance FMResonance 104.4FM is well documented on these Organ pages, we’ve had the honour of being involved in the radio station in one form or another for a few years now. We won’t go flying into the depth of it all again here, hit the radio page in this Organ website for more information about our involvement, or if you don’t already know, go explore the diverse schedules and show announcements on the station’s own website. Resonance is radio with a difference, the real art of listening, of creating, of being. Resonance is an arts based radio station that can be enjoyed, via the old school proper radio in your kitchen or your taxi cab medium of FM here in London (radio without being anchored to a computer, imagine that!) or alternatively via the web,  all over the world. None of us presenters and such are paid to work at Resonance (well work really isn’t the right word, it is a creative pleasure for us all, but you do know what we mean I’m sure). The show makers, the presenters, the extremely dedicated studio engineers, the technicians, we all do it for nothing more than the pure pleasure of the project, the station and the wide variety of shows we present – we don’t get expenses or anything else, and indeed we don’t want them, every penny raised goes towards replacing equipment, paying the bills and keeping everything on air 24/7.  And you get a unique station, you get art on the radio, radical discussion, a whole variety of cultural and political views - from Whitechapel Anarchist groups to Persian art shows, from militant South London pensioners to sound art makers, left-field music shows not hampered by the notions of commercial radio friendliness or playlist dictatorships (the XFM antidote if you will), alternative looks at the stock markets from maverick City insiders... you’ve got the Bike Show, you’ve got Chips For The Poor, you’ve got alternative zine makers, insect exploration, conspiracy, the sound of icebergs melting, bands in session, artists speaking, woodpeckers pecking (there must have been the sound of wookpeckers for half an hour at 3am at some point surely?). You’ve got all kinds of unique radio flavours and all funded by donation (and a small and ever dwindling arts grant).

So this weekend is given over entirely to an on-air radio auction and a whole host of guests and events and things up for grabs - from the art of Bob and Roberta Smith to a bass lesson with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, all kinds of experiences, rare records, paintings, prints, opportunities.  Have a listen, and please help keep something special alive and flowing, Resonance FM really is something special that needs to survive. And if you’re reading this after the event, you could always make a small donation, or play a benefit (there, a small hint to all you bands who never get played anywhere else besides on our Organ shows...)    

Resonance FM is there for everyone, please do help keep it like this, every little tiny contribution makes a difference…

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