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Tony Romanoff, Pure Evil, Lucas Price, Dalla Rosa, Dialogo | Dialogue

March 28th 2011

...and two East London art shows, one happening now, the other opening this week…

The Friends of Tony Romanoff is an exhibition that opens later this week at Pure Evil
The Friends Of Tony Romanoff  
“Live from the teenage reliquary, the last golden archipelago of memory feats, the SAW archive in association with The Friends of Tony Romanoff presents a group show curated by Lucas Price.

Dalston as remembered by a dead academic, Whitechapel market pushed into a toilet cubicle of the Hacienda circa 1989, a high street photocopy shop with a walk through tour guided by Buckminster Fuller, the rose as a potential psychedelic catalyst. All of the works presented, and indeed the entire SAW archive, concern themselves with the time leading up to the death of Ghostly Cassette and the threshholding of imagery therein.

Featuring selected photos, reproductions and installed re stagings of events, you are invited to come up with your own version of how this might have gone down”.

Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard Street
London EC2

The private view is on the 31st March, 6pm – 9pm, the exhibition runs until the 13th of April, with a live music event on April 7th (First Thursday)
Meanwhile, also in East London….

Dialogo at Netil HouseNetil House is a once abandoned 60’s looking building that previously was an East London community college. That derelict building on Westgate Street, London Fields, E8, is now home to a nest of music and art studios, workplaces, occupied by clothes makers, interior designers, video artists and a whole lot more, a creative hive of people doing and making things as well as a club venue and a café bar. And now Netil House is home to what looks to be a rather interesting art gallery… 

The dalla Rosa Gallery is currently presenting Dialogo / Dialogue, an exhibition featuring wall drawings by Greig Burgoyne and Reena Makwana. The show exhibition runs until April 16th:

dalla RosaWorking side by side the artists juxtapose styles and visions while exploring the transitional nature of the space, tracing movements through it and accentuating the contrast between solid versus fluid bodies.

The concept at the heart of Dialogo | Dialogue is based on accumulation, which results in the constant flux of images filling the gallery's white walls, Greig and Reena create overlapping and echoing shapes inspired by both the interior and the exterior of the building.

Reena's gallery of Hackney characters and locations stems from an interest in the area's history: “My work is influenced by characters, eccentrics, people, relationships and social history. I like the way a memory or incident can attach itself to a place. The body of drawings I am producing in dialogue with Greig's work is concerned more with the exterior than the interior of the space. I have looked into the social history of the area, truth and folklore, past and present to learn more about it. Some of the drawings are a product of my imagination, whilst others are inspired by photographs taken while walking around Hackney on a single day. Starting from Broadway Market, down Westgate Street, Mare Street, and on the 38 bus down Graham Road to Dalston Lane, walking around observing the hustle and bustle of Hackney's inhabitants and the variety of architecture all the way to Mortimer Road and the ruins of Mole Man's house.

Responding to Reena's imagery, Greig's work captures “the flux of energy that moves through the interior of the building: it's a process of making marks – images – then partly erasing them – blocking them out – as though they are there and then not, their status is not secure, and then joining the images to Reena's quirky figurative drawings of Hackney and its characters.

dalla Rosa Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5 pm or by appointment

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