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April 1st 2011

 COMMON DEFLECTION PROBLEMS – CDP (Handmade Records) - Fidgity, ever shifting and gently quirky, Common Deflection Problems make rough-edged avant jazz for people with short attention spans.  The five tracks on this very nicely put together EP wander all over the place, hanging out in a cheezeball pick-up joint one moment, finding a sweet acousitc pastoral patch to stretch out in, suddenly stumbling to their feet all angsty and angular. They're a refreshing, positive move in the all-too-blurry world of instrumental bands, trying to stretch those post-boxes, to push at their own and other's boundaries.   

  This EP is an easy on the ear yet nicely hardboiled set of jazzy other rock-flavoured prog rock instrumental nuggets. Common Deflection Problems are a London based gang of slightly grungy jazzy tune makers from Italy, who have bravely landed in the UK to find new listeners for their somewhat esoteric tunes.  Common Deflection Problems sound quite uncannily like the much loved Zag And The Coloured Beads, sans the vocals (that should be taken as a compliment, The Beads were rather special).  The lounge-jazz chunks (and they're very much chunks, this is a chunky band who enjoy placing one chunk next to the other) straddle that delicate line between wacky and quirky but are kept in their place by the grungy honesty of the guitar sounds. 

  Common Deflection Problems art

 We might all want to pull them on board the mighty trundling math rock bus, but CDP are clearly much more into the contrast of feel than quick-fire time signature shifting, which is a good thing to aim for, even if they're not too subtle about it. Ears might find it easy to miss the really sensitive, special bits and tasty riffage that crop up in the contrasting jazzier bits, but they're there, and worth an extra listen for. The Power Of Erosion is the standout track for me: darker, more atmosphere and less quirk, more serious, if you like - reminiscent of the Aleuchatistas.  This is a great introductory EP,  five well packaged tracks, great artwork, and a feeling that Common Deflection Problems are bursting with ideas, that despite packing a lot into these recordings they're just at the start of their creative journey.

Common Deflection Problems join Poino, Ivy’s Itch and Heck Tate at The Urban Bar 176 Whitechapel Road, London, E1, this Saturday April 2nd, C.D.P second on at around 9.45pm. Entry is £3.00 - here's a review of the Poino album

Rome Pays Off

Meanwhile here’s a YouTube video of a track that didn’t make the final cut of the new ROME PAYS OFF album “because it's sound was kinda out of step with the rest of the record it was left off”. The album was reviewed on these Organ pages a couple of weeks back, seems distribution problem have delayed the actual release of the new album (the new project from Rothko duo Crawford Blair and Mark Beazley) until late April

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