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Ahleuchatistas new album

April 6th 2011

 Instrumental complex rock trio Ahleuchatistas are no longer a three-peice. Originally formed in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2002, they've released five albums on respected imprints Cuneiform and John Zorn's Tzadik label, and a have a sixth album just out this March. Location Location is the first album by Ahleuchatistas as a two-peice, the duo consisting of original founder member Shane Perlowin on guitar and drummer Ryan Oslance (who joined in 2008).


New album Location Location is something of a progression on from the tightly constructed bass/ drums/ guitar vignettes of earlier works such as The Same and the Other and What You Will.  The new tracks are now as much about sonic experimentation as structure, pushing into realms of semi-improvised, dense passages - sometimes in the middle of a sonic spectrum between Hella and early Don Caballero, also touching on African and gamelan rhythms and textured noise.  Happily, you hear for yourself, and download the whole album, at their Bandcamp page. Here's my favourite track:

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