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Trippple NippplesTRIPPPLE NIPPPLES hit London this coming week in the company of THE DEATH SET…

April 9th 2011

TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES are more than just an intriguing name... Trippples Nippples are an electronic performance art outfit from Tokyo. There’s five of them: Yuka Nippple (vocals), Qrea Nippple (vocals) are out front in their outrageous costumes and all their high energy, with Joseph Lamont on electronics/synthesisers/bass, James Masheder on synthesisers/electronics and Eliot Haisuk on drums. Haven’t worked out a reason for their name yet, haven’t studied the videos that closely. 

Trippple Nippples

  They are a very (very) colourful “performance unit” from Tokyo, “formed in order to inject their explosive live energy to the music scene”. Coming from a performance art/music background the core members met at the legendary Tokyo underground parties MEAT, and LINDA and have since become a fixture on the Tokyo club/art/live music scene. Electronic beats/quirky synth melodies/screaming vocals/performance art all delivered with a punk attitude has seen them touring worldwide before the release of their first album.  Their live concept is to deliver mayhem, mess and happiness worldwide and this attitude has seen them travel Japan, Mexico, Korea, China and Australia already.

Trippple Nippples

This coming week they hit London as special guests to the muthaflipping DEATH SET at the Old Blue Last on Tuesday 12th April

For more on the Death Set, go here… organthing035

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