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Frau Pouch - Five slices of angular post-punk goodnes from the Medway

April 11th 2011

Frau PouchFRAU POUCH – The Apronectomy EP (self release) -  Not sure where that unicorn horn is going, first it sounded angry then it was kind of manly, a unicorn with a manly horn? This is good! They got us now, no time to back out, just sit back and lubricate, take it all in. We like awkward earfood like this turning up unexpectedly in the post - fire up the airwaves, we got a live one here, unicorn horns and everything else…

“Frau Pouch is an ADHD-afflicted monkey-child” so claims the piece of paper; they say they’re from the Medway, monkey child's called Billy then? Buff Medway and those three children of fortune? Stitch their names upon our tent and let us talk of fresh wrong pop and new angles and the whole time she just wanted what? They talk of having a chromosome or two missing and claim that if you like “fist-pumping anthems with searing vocals, earnest lyrics and the wind blowing in you hair, then they’re not the band for you”.. Well this is pumping, pumping in an awkward Mark E.Smith coming to town manner rather than REO Speedwagon searing windswept fist-pumping cows that want to be horses running along the beach anthemicness… 

Frau Pouch uniporn Dress like a cow or a clown and milk who? What are Frau Pouch on about? Who are they? They’re in the find tradition of awkwardly good bands like Monkey Boy or Herzoga or a more scuzzy Les Savy Fav; there are three of them, see, three frantic children of fortune... It’s a Medway thing.  Joe Wise plays that scratchy post-punk new wave guitar and yelps out the vocals, James Paul Thompson propels things along with that fuzzy bass and the strangely named Brixton Bruxelles hits the angular drums. The three sing of uniporn and gimps and Ol’ Foetus Penis - don’t ask us, we’re very careful about where we stick our organs. Precise post punk rhythms, angular goodness, thundering bass propulsion, yelping vocal meanderings, fractured falling up stairs, never out of control, though, “equal part sexual frustration and alienation” and the whole time she just wanted me dead. “Frau Pouch are a band who reel in horror at the freely available degradations, of 21st Century internet sexuality whilst at the same time downloading vast quantities of internet filth” – moral outrage with a hard on indeed!  Lust and self loathing somewhere on the edge of the desert just outside Kent, red flying bats and chips for the poor… oh no! Oh no! Hey, a band with a proper frontman, a band with personality, a band with unicorn porn and they’re right, they’re probably NOT the band for you, you don’t want to be downloading any of this, this is the kind of filth that we all need to campaign against, filth! Brilliant filth, love it!

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