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April 13th 2011

Victoria DalstonOrgan and present another night of cross-pollination: bands and such who regularly appear on the pages of The Organ, or via the Resonance FM airwaves and our Sunday night shows, or indeed the recommendations of London alternative gig guide LondonGigs…

Doors are at 7.30pm. Entry is £5, £4 with a flyer or on the cheap list. To get on the list, get in touch and say you’re coming....

QUADRILLES are on at 8pm, COMMON DEFLECTION PROBLEMS at 8.45pm, Dead Days Beyond Help guitarist ALEX WARD plays a 20 minute solo set 9.30pm and the wonderful RUDE MECHANICALS headline at just after 10pm. Bands are all over by 11pm being as this is midweek, so easy for tubes etc, venue stays open with music, chatting, drinking, dancing for a bit longer… 

The bands:

Rude MechanicalsRUDE MECHANICALS are rather unique, rather special, and probably played more than any other band on Organ radio shows, Miss Roberts and her mysterious world where Zappa waltzing with cups of tea and strange alien mice who run the tune system and big wigs and red dresses and violins and all very English and I’m sure she must know the Consultant? " And we ma have sid lots and lots about them over the last couple of year, but it isn’t only us; “the strangely disturbed world of the Rude Mechanicals ...a great deal like nothing you ever heard before... " Tom Robinson BBC 6 Radio.   Best go explore some webpages if you don’t know, there’s nowhere near enough space to start here.

Alex WardALEX WARD is the guitarist from DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP right now, he is or has  been involved in many a fine fine left-field avant flavoured outfit – Camp Blackfoot, Suitable Case For Treatment, Nought, he worked with loads of interestingly creative people, and for tonight he has  “this solo piece that I wrote for a performance last year, and which I've been hoping I'd get the chance to play again at some point. It's a continuous twenty-minute composition for guitar (which I'd play live) and pre-recorded backing, in a sort of prog/sludge vein” Why not, we thought?

Common Deflection ProblemsCOMMON DEFLECTION PROBLEMS are fidgity, ever shifting and gently quirky, they make rough-edged avant jazz for people with short attention spans.  The five tracks on this very nicely put together EP wander all over the place, hanging out in a cheezeball pick-up joint one moment, finding a sweet acoustic pastoral patch to stretch out in, suddenly stumbling to their feet all angsty and angular. They're a refreshing, positive move in the all-too-blurry world of instrumental bands, trying to stretch those post-boxes, to push at their own and other's boundaries.  Their latest EP is an easy on the ear yet nicely hardboiled set of jazzy other rock-flavoured prog rock instrumental nuggets.. Read more here - organthing126.html

QuadrillesQUADRILLES are “a semi-instrumental triumvirate based in London. They mostly squeeze math rock into three-minute nuggets”, they turn those nuggets in to fine bits of delightful intelligent pieces of pop that are alive with brightness and tunes and… Their latest very fine single came out as a download thing in March, we highly recommend it. Read more here - organthing089.html








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