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Lecherous Gaze… and Iron Maiden played by people in Swedish folk bands, bands with ukeleles and...

April 20th 2011

Four slices of righteous high on fire hard rocking flirtin’ with disaster and a new self-titled four track EP from Oakland’s Lecherous Gaze…

Lecherous GazeLECHEROUS GAZE  - Lecherous Gaze (Tee Pee) - Four slices of no messing attitude that fools you into thinking they’re heading down the Ramones road until they hit you with a great big molly shaped hatchet. This is the business. 

They claim to be from a flophouse in Oakland, they’re riding right on down the road and they’re flirtin’ with every disaster you got. Seems they’ve risen from the ashes of “punk rock powerhouse” Annihilation Time, added themselves a vocalist called Lakis Panagiotoputos and are set on unleashing a “frenzy-inducing stew of awesomeness”. They’re from the very same Oakland flophouse that gave birth to High On Fire, Saviours and Drunk Horse (so it says here), well that’s hammers of good fortune for you. They got it all right in there, flowing through their blood, staining their dirty jeans, knocking over their giant stacks of amps - four slices of righteous hard rock that’s equal parts Molly Hatchet and Black Flag. All liberally laced with a whole bag load of classic 70’s guitar rock goodness, right there, thrown in like a foghat eating freebird feasting on an orange goblin’s Monday morning not a cloud in the sky breakfast. 

Lecherous Gaze gig

Lecherous Gaze sound like a classic Trans Am, (the car! Not the post rock outfit, jeez...) like classic Montrose, like Shakin’ Street, this is punk  flavoured hard rock, this is no messing, this is in the zone, righteous 70’s flavoured Flirtin’ With Disaster hard rock ‘n roll lust right there waiting on a four track EP. You need all four slices firing right at you right now…  

The self-titled four track EP is out on Tee Pee Records on April 25th, available in the UK via Cargo Records

Lecherous Gaze playing live at the Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze record swap in Oakland, CA

High on Fire at some kind of similar Oakland flophouse yesterday

Molly Hatchet, Flirtin’ With Disaster, ’79 style…

Some punk flavoured hard rock from France circa ’78, the mighty Shakin’ Street featuring Manowaring Dictator Ross The Boss.

Meanwhile, IRON MAIDEN folk stylee and more… Every track of Iron Maiden’s classic album Number Of The Beast all there for you to download: ukuleles, Swedish folk bands and everything else (you always can skip the dreadful DreamTheater bit can’t you?)

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