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Countdown to DEATH GRIPS album

April 22nd 2011

Death Grips - Ex Military coverAnother new video and free download just appeared on the website of mysterious new Californian outfit Death Grips

Still no indication of who anybody is, aside from it being a lot to do with Zach Hill (drummer/composer from Hella and zillions of almost invariably brilliant other things ).   Death Grips appeared as a link on Zach's facebook page to a web site,, that contains a bunch of enigmatic videos and six more free download mp3s. This is good stuff - hardass, hugely imaginative one-off kind of hip hop with depth, that's just right for playing very loudly out the windows to terrorise your cheesy R&B lovin' neighbours. This new track's a bit more easy on the ear - almost a Death Grips hot hit single of the summer... in a perfect world.  

The thing to remember is that in five days time, the debut Death Grips album, Ex Military, will be available to download from their web site.  Such is the underground buzz on this band I expect that on the 27th April 2011, the release day, the server hosting it will gout smoke and weep electronic tears of blood by lunchtime, so be ready to get in there quick. Here's the latest, pleasingly obscure vid:

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