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April 30th 2011

B.I.L.L. – Spielwiess 2 (Klangbad)

B.I.L.L. cover The background; B.I.L.L. are: Clive Bell – undogmatic world musician, recognized authority and virtuoso on the shakuhachi, the ney, and other flutes and chengs - especially those from Arabian-Asiatic regions. Hans Joachim Irmler - a krautrock and electronic-music pioneer (as a founding member of Faust); an audio extremist who creates atonally whirring streaks of sound made from landscapes of organs, humorous melody and harmonized drones of a physical nature. Jaki Liebezeit - internationally recognised drummer of the German krautrock band, Can. Even today he remains a self-renewing and innovative percussionist. Robert Lippok ; Since 1995, has been the guitar player and in-house expert on electronics for the band To Rococo Rot.

The album, Spielwiess 2, is a vivid heady flow of Arabic, African and kraut rock flavours all genteely blended together to move as an ever fluent continually evolving, travelling set of inviting sound. B.I.L.L actually sound like something that would have emerged via the underground tape labels and the free festival scene of the mid/late 80’s from bands like Ullulators, Oroonies and the early days (better daze) of Ozric Tentacles. None of those rough edges though, and none of the dub or indeed the om riffling much employed by those fine free festival bands. B.I.L.L’s sound is cleaner, less organic, possibly a little more considered and composed - ok, a lot more considered, carefully placed and almost orchestral in places... orchestral in an experimental manner. 

B.I.L.L.Landscapes of organs and harmonised drones is indeed an apt way of describing the delightfully easy inviting flow of Spielwiess – which, apparently, means playground (or quite literally, playing field). Layers of graceful sound, alive with unobtrusive detail, clean cut synths, sharp percussion, mellow rhythms, subtle forward movement, an ever evolving tune, a set of seven fine pieces that flow as one refreshing whole.

Spielwiess 2 is released on May 2nd 2011

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