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May 2nd 2011

A whole load of things today, including INKFETISH’s quickly disappearing painting in West London, new albums from TRUE WIDOW, THE WYLD OLDE SOULS and THE MONROE EFFECT along  with a demo from Oxford’s THE GRACEFUL SLICKS.

“Painted in West London over the weekend...this one's already gone” said Inkfetish. Do rather like the distinctive style of Inkfetish

True WidowTRUE WIDOW – As High As the Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth (Kemado) – They’re from Dallas, Texas, and they’re kind of open and quietly expansive, that tastefully quiet slow-core that bands like Morphine, Codeine, Low and such did back there at the end of the grungy 90’s. True Widow aren’t really playing against type, they more going with a type we haven’t heard for a while, that slow moving snailpace take on grunge, that meandering all the time in the world slow-core thing, songs that take hours to unfold and not really going anywhere in any big hurry (that’s no bad thing in this case). Downbeat melodies, slower tempos, clean and undistorted, that quietly heavy use of reverb, you know the kind of thing. True Widow do it all rather well, a sound that’s almost 90’s nostalgic...

True Widow’s ambitiously titled album is out in the UK on May 2nd

Wyld Old SoulsTHE WYLD OLDE SOULS – Ensoulment (My Generation) – Female psychedelic folk rock band from New York with lush new album, their first for over ten years. A very (very) mellow psych-folk sound, an easy on the ear Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, Fairport Convention, Crosby Still & Nash of a band for those sunny mellow laid back harmonised moments. Three female voices leading the harmonies, male voices, electric sitars, electric/acoustic guitars, flutes, mandolins, tablas, they do it all with a very easy, very full-bodied, lush sense of refined style.

Ensoulment is released on May 20th.

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The Monroe Effect have their debut album ready to go:

THE MONROE EFFECT – Ultraviolenceland (Dead Planet) - Debut album from the self-described English post-hardcore outfit. Impressive artwork from Doug Boehm is the first thing to note, need to find out a little more about who he is. The Portsmouth four piece have been hard at work for a couple of years now, seems they’ve been kicked about by the music industry and worked out that doing it yourself is probably for the best. Not that this looks or sounds like a low budget DIY, impressive package, full bodied sound. What the four of them have here is a feisty take on the energetic post-hardcore, hard-edged indie guitar rock thing. The Monroe Effect have a sense of light and shade, they keep their shape and identity while mixing things up between the hard-edge bite and the softer reflective bits, the touches of emotion that hint at the indie rock epic, the bits that threaten to take off and roar. Can’t honestly say this is a sound or style that excites many ears around these parts, little bit mainstream modern day Kerranging indie guitar rock conventional for us, if you like your conservative post-hardcore flavoured indie guitar rock then Portsmouth’s Monroe Effect have come up with a rather decent debut album.

The Monroe Effect album is out on May 30th.

A rather decent set of demo recordings from The Graceful Slicks

THE GRACEFUL SLICKS – They claim to be the result of what happens when parents subject kids at a young age to their old record collection – “the result is a five piece neo-psychedelic shoegaze outfit from Oxford”. There you go, they happily nailed their own colours to the mast there, well they kind of did well before we got the music on or read the biog that came with this three track demo, that name had us expecting some kind of Jefferson Airplane fascination. Actually they sound more like a mellow Stone Roses via bits of the Doors to these ears and yes a lot of 80’s/90’s flavoure psychedelic shoegazing indieness. Three gracefully slick tracks, more about atmosphere than song structure, a flowing attitude, a feeling, I guess their parents did expose them to a lot of Stone Roses, Ride and such, far worse things to expose yer kids to, decent three track demo, we’ll see what develops -

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