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New EXTRA LIFE @ Africantape Festival

MAY 4th 2011

Here’s some EXTRA LIFE live footage from this weekend’s Africantape festival in Lyon, France, playing what sounds like (rather good) new tracks. Charlie Looker confirms our suspicions:  "One new song plus half of an even newer song which we haven't even played in the states yet".

 We’ve probably said far too much about Extra Life already, haven’t we? Enjoy the footage (and no, could we really say too much about Extra Life? Follow those links under the video if you haven’t caught up with our recent raving and droolings).

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And while we’re there with today’s Thing, here’s some more of CHRISTIAAN NAGEL’s mushrooms that keep sprouting around London. These ones emerged last month…

Christiaan Nagel mushrooms
“We've had a tip off that some of Christiaan Nagel's mushrooms have sprouted in Hyde Park”. So said someone from street art website, Street Art London - seems these went up sometime in mid April and were reportedly removed rather quickly….

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