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HELLA first new sounds from coming album

MAY 6th 2011 

Hella!Back to the stripped-down instrumental duo of guitarist Spencer Seim and Zach Hill, Hella are stirring - and here's a new new slice from the forthcoming 10 track album by the Sacramento band

.  We've had the a video of them rehearsing a bunch of new snippets, now, after a four-year break (with Zach Hill involved in a dozen bands and his own magnificent albums) we get a full track for free.  It's pure Hella: complex, melodic, noisy, masterful and a little strange... 


Here's that rehearsal video... talking of which, Hella are asking their campfollowers (via their Facebook page) to have a go at making a video to the new song:

And if you really want ot upset/ impress your drummer friend, here's a video of the infamous Zach Hill Foot: 

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