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Authorization, The Robot Heart, Not Above Evil, Cult of Erinyes

MAY 7th 2011 

Four slices today, just because… Four albums worth a little of your time today, Washington D.C duo Authorization with retrospective album available for free, Brighton choral popists The Robot Heart with their layers of melody, extreme metal from Manchester’s Not Above Evil, and a relentless black hellwind from Belgium’s Cult of Erinyes… We do like a touch of variety around these parts…

AuthorizationAUTHORIZATION – Version 1 (self release) – Seems this U.S band Authorization, a rather intriguing instrumental duo featuring Jeff Barsky (Plums, Insect Factory) and Dan Caldas (Black Eyes, Horses) split last year. However, before the duo split they recorded one album, an interesting album that they’ve just made available as a free download. Version 1 consists of eight variations around what appears to be the same musical theme, that theme being rather edgy, rather clean cut, rather rewarding post-punk experimental instrumental sharpness. Pin-point tunes, smart angles, pumping in a minimal less-is-more-way, a post-punk new-wave bass-groove augmenting the high-end rhythm box beat and the positively evolving repetition. A touch of Wire, a hint of a Krautrock undertone in those synths, and actually a rather uniquely different sound 

Download the album for free, with the blessing (and indeed authorization) of the band, and find out for yourself, via

The Robot HeartTHE ROBOT HEART – The Robot Heart (Bleeding Heart) - Pleasantly nice, mellow relaxed band from Brighton, I guess if we were being helpfully lazy and throwing up vague signposts we’d start talking about the notions of gentle choral-indie. Beautifully soft, sunny, easy, flowing unobtrusive layers of quiet voices, harmonies, gentle electronica, glockenspiel, melodica, delicate waves - boy girl vocal waves, sweet sunny songs, harmless inoffensive delicate sunny breezy beauty should you be in the mood, maybe just a tad twee and polite if you’re not… Clever songs, simple, uncluttered, well constructed, delightfully refreshing… Here come the link for you to explore should you feel the need to be curious..

Not Above EvilNOT ABOVE EVIL – Deification (self release) – Ten track album from a relatively new Manchester-based extreme metal band. Formed in late 2009, the three piece “melodic death metal band” (their description), take a classic Iron Maiden style metal approach to their guitar stylings, then pile on the thrashing drums and the growling shouty throat-ripping vocals and come out with rather a good blend actually. A touch of Lamb of God... Not Above Evil are brutally melodic, they're right about that - melodic in a pounding charging extreme metal way, and they have got their sound (and everything else) rather impressively together (self release does not mean low budget of cheap sounding production in this case).  
   Now we can’t say Not Above Evil are doing anything radically different, in reality they’re just another very slight variation on the millions of other extreme metal bands out there, -  nothing punky, nothing grinding, no deviation towards any kind of whatevercore, no notions of progressiveness or anything like that. Just well played extreme yet brutally melodic no messing intensely good, same as a lot of things you already heard, heavy metal. Without really doing anything new Not Above Evil have managed to hit somewhere near the spot that most modern metal bands (especially English ones) manage to miss by miles these days. Rather decent debut: if melodic extreme metal is your thing, then Deification is well worth checking out…

Deification came out this April –

Cult of erinyesCULT OF ERINYES – A Place To Call My Unknown (Ladlo) - A relentless black hellwind of almost never ending white noise and a whole load of blustery high-speed extreme deathly wind-tunnel black metal (from Belgium). It all comes with the usual almost unintelligible frothing growling guttural low-end screams of man-in-need-of-throat-lozenge, same old extreme death metal vocal delivery, might have been radical once back in the day, all a little tediously predictable now though. Start of the sixth song sounds like someone just took a jackhammer to singerman’s big toe, he’s yelping like a demon-pig. Cult of Erinyes are kind of like that Hate Forest vibe without the dark subtle atmospheres that Hate Forest lace their sound with – they sound like the faster, less thought about, primitive, speed-metal meets a bit of moody atmosphere, a far less subtle take on Hate Forest and about a million other relentless hellwind-blasting atmospheric ritualistic extreme black metal bands who throw in a bit of dark mood candlelight and roar like demon-pigs about it all All pretty much the same - same sound, same look, same feel, same, and yet I do kind of like it, in a mindless ball of extreme white noise hell wind of primitive black metal kind of way…. “furious rythmics and ambient digressions are only a few weapons which will make of Cult of Erinyes a band to be reckoned with” so they say, well not quite a band to be really reckoned with yet, do rather like their furious hellwinds though…

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