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MAY 9th 2011 

"Tokko is a publishing and events collective based in London and Berlin. We make limited edition publications and create events melding unique colourful sounds, performances, visuals and books by a range of international artists and small publishers.

This coming Saturday Tokko presents…

An expedition in luminous sounds, visuals, drawings, books and artist zines: oMMM (Adaadat) + The Sticks (Upset the Rhythm) + Rucksack + DJ Christos Fanaras + Tokko Pop-up bookshop selling small press publications by Nieves, Lucky Dragons, Shoboshobo, Le Dernier Cri, Bongout, Le Gun, The Permanent Bookshop + more!

The place is The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, Dalston, London, E8

The day is Saturday May 14th 2011, the time is 8pm until 1.30am, the tickets cost £5 in advance or £6 on the door  -

The TOKKO collective describe the bands thus…

Tokko FlyeroMMM: “oMMM (aka Edmund Davie) combines rough 4 track recordings, broken/cheap/obsolete musical instruments with digital production skills. His lo-fi indie harmonies have drawn comparisons to the likes of Mouse On Mars, space-organist Dick Hyman and The Yummy Fur.”

The Sticks: “The Sticks are a stripped down garage party band from Brighton. They bash drums, sway on the bass and claw at guitar - often swapping over instruments between songs live - and yelp with melodic abandon and delight. With cheap, unreliable equipment they manage to tease out a cacophony of crashing drums and raucous guitar melodies.”

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