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Lush sounds from No Joy

MAY 11th 2011 

Ghost Blonde coverToday we give you the lush, left-field shoegazing layers of North America’s No Joy

NO JOY – Ghost Blond (Kemado) – They’re from Montreal/LA, so says the blurb - how does that work? Probably moved from Canada in search of the LA streets paved with gold or something like that. Whatever the explanation, that’s the geography bit done with and the Canadians are in LA. Now where are we? Gazing at our shoes and dancing around rather mellow jesus and mary chains in a creamy poppy female-voiced multi-layered Dandy Warhols, Lush, My Bloody Valentine kind of way.  “Ten new songs to singe your eyelashes off” says the blurb once more. Kind of lo-fi and positively loose; layers that threaten to fall off each other, slightly left-field tunes, gorgeously controlled reined-in feedback, gentle fuzz... Touch of early days Brian Jonestown Massacre, a healthy taste of melodic fervour, hint of angst - lots of Brian Jonestown in there, actually, the early sound when the BJM had a bit more humanity about them. 

No Joy live

Nothing revolutionary then, nothing that different in terms of No Joy’s music, but it doesn’t always have to be about musical revolution does it? And they do blend it all rather well and come up with an edge of their own. Impressive debut album, rather lush, rather gorgeous, rather confident, slightly dangerous - a rich layered sound that might just catch fire if you don’t keep a close eye on it…

No Joy are over here playing some UK dates right now, check their My Space page for details and updates. The album came out in the UK last week .   

Here's some sounds:

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