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Julia Kent's green and grey

MAY 13th 2011 

Julia KentClassical cello player Julia Kent has released her second solo album; more notions of the shifting balance of the green and the grey, leaf growth and the greening of the man-made. Graceful beauty, field-sounds, strings, gentle electronica…

JULIA KENT – Green And Grey (Tin Angel) – Some rather relaxing, yet rather elegantly challenging, cello-fuelled classical warmth. We’re told New York-based Canadian Julia Kent’s instrumental composition is inspired by the interactions of the natural world and the human world, the green and the grey. Loops and layers of very natural, organic sounding cello, delicate electronic textures, unobtrusive field recordings, warm reflective movement, gentle gliding strings. There's not really a feeling of the grey and the green battling or pushing against each other, more existing together; it does sound like, in Julia’s quite personal world, the organicness of the green is retaining the power in a graceful way, more notions of the Captain’s Table and the taking back, of trillian green.  Do rather like how the low mechanical clunk I could hear Livewas actually part of the music and not outside the door here in the city we live in... clever production, clever details.

Julia Kent is probably best known for her part played in cello-rock pioneers Rasputina, she’s also part of Antony and the Johnsons. This second solo album is really where Julie Kent is establishing her own detailed fingerprint, however, a follow on to Delay and her own rather lovely melancholy, rich warmth, considered romanticism, fragile intersections. No collaborators “other than the insects, weather, and wind sounds that create a sort of exoskeleton for the music”. Beautifully graceful classical music, refined strings, elegant melancholy, slowly evolving leaf growth, beautiful space, gracefully soothing… Graceful.

Green And Grey is out on May16th –

Trillian green:The process of nature taking over man-made things.

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