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MAY 18th 2011 

Death Grips - TakyonHere we go again... Those mysterious DEATH GRIPS have leaked out another addictive sample of their brainstretching wares.  

Lost track of the number of comments out there that go something like 'I don't normally like hip-hop, but I love this... ' - and still nobody's got any real info on this mysterious crew.  We like it like that - I guess it can't hurt to share that they're a collective of about four people holed up in a compound they call The Klink in Sacramento, California... that the man with the voice may or may not be called S-----, ("I've seen him wandering around Sacramento with an infinity symbol tattooed on the back of his neck" - anon) that Zach Hill plays drums and co-programmes/ produces... that Death Grips are not so much of a 'band' but a "broadcasting system..." where all members contribute to every part of the process...  and that there will be gigs and a full new album in the autumn...

Ex-Military10-9-8-7-triple 6-5-forked tongue
Criminal level crunk lightning storm

Takyon is from the Death Grips album Ex-Military, free to download via /

Worth perusing the lyrics...

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