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No-messing classic intrumental metal from Tank86

MAY 25th 2011

Instrumental heavy metal - no hang on, don't run away, because Holland’s Tank86 have it nailed down just right with their latest album Rise. The pure, clean-cut, focused art of  metal…

Tank 86 coverTANK86 – Rise (Rising Magma) – What we have here is some no-messing old school heavier than heavy, proper heavy metal. Nothing too thrashy; it's pounding and powerfully heavy but nothing as basic as mere thrash riffing, and nowhere anywhere near the notions of extreme -Tank86 steer well clear of all that black death grind sub-genre clutter. This is just powerful, riff-based, guitar-driven old school heavy metal.  That’s right, yet another band doing it instrumentally, but it's satisfyingly chunky, solid, dramatic, bombastic. 

Dutch band Tank86 are not quite your typical intrumental heavies: no messing around with post rock pretentiousness here, no playing with the misguided ideas of progressive metal, no showing off, no technical masturbation or guitar-shop slappery, just a lean and focused  celebration of pure, undiluted, very heavy old school proper metal. The fluency of riffs, the driving of the bass and drums, brought forward via the purity of sound and modern-sounding production – nothing too slick, but nothing dated or retro either. Just crunching bites of proper heavy rock, clean-cut Metallica style playing laced with bits that taste of Trespass or Sledgehammer, of Maiden or Anvil, of Kreator or Dozer, hints of some of those heaver bands Tank 86, rockingthat get near stoner land without becoming fuzzed-out Sabbath clones, always lean, always on the move, focused tunes with colourful places to go. Heavy low-end harmonised guitars, powerful walls of layered guitar, heavy heavy rhythm section and everything produced just right. 

A pure celebration of a the art that is heavy metal, and for once we’re not left wondering if they’re taking the easy option and doing it instrumentally just because they couldn’t find a vocalist, for once a band who really don’t need a front-voice taking away the focus of the instrumentation, for once an instrumental guitar band who sound and feel naturally right.. Instrumental heavy metal? - thought it was going to be tediously boring, this time around, Tank86 hit the metal spot just right. 

Rise is released on Rising Magma on May 29th

A Tank86 promo video from 2008:

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