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Laid back psych from Lunar Dunes 

MAY 26th 2011

Lunar DunesLUNAR DUNES – Galaxsea (4Zero) – Mellow space rock... it takes a few goes to really
get into Galaxsea, but once you’ve made a journey or two further into the body of the album, then there’s some rather nice flowing space rock earfood waiting for you.

Some pleasantly relaxed mellowness that eases by in a very chilled out Ozric Tentacles, Ullulators, Gong-like free-festi band kind of way, a nice throwback to these Better Days tapes, to the Poodle Lounge at Club Dog and such. Laid back flowing psychedelic space
rock, not quite instrumentals, there aren’t actually words, female voices, the occasional ululation, or a hint of om. Various people from Transglobal Underground are involved, and the tracks are mostly improvised, so we’re told. They're well structured though; mellow, very, very laid back, but never without a direction or (soft) focus. None of the grit or bite of the classic free-festi bands of the 80’s and early 90’s.
    Lunar Dunes are in a mellow field somewhere near though, the chilli-out field… Kind of need a little more bite and a touch of street dirt, a touch grit, and Lunar Dunes are maybe just a little politely clean cut about it all, but hey, if you like your space rock very mellow, chilled-out, if you like it nice and clean, but with an authentic heart if you like it all very easy in a gracefully relaxing way then here comes the links and such…

Galaxsea is released on May 23rd and Lunar Dunes support Here And Now at the
Borderline in London on 27th May

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