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The Lovely Eggs say... 

MAY 28th 2011

THE LOVELY EGGS – F**k It / Watermelons (Cherryade)  The Lovely Eggs always bring on smiles, no need for watermelons (or frantic kazoo solos). They do make delightful singles, positively twee and butter wouldn’t melt and she does sound like she’d lovelyeggsnever ever use language like that. Two tracks: a nice, delicate, quietly sweet song on one side and a busy buzzing song about how she’s going to make those watermelons make you smile on the other.  She’s Holly Ross and he’s David Blackwell, a girl/boy lo-fi two-piece, voiced by Holly, formerly lead singer and guitarist in feisty girl band Angelica... you don’t really need to know all that, though - all you need to know is that the two of them make very fine, left-field pop singles, proper pop singles, and this one is as good as any of them. Those words might be slightly darker this time, well, at least the quiet song on the A-side is a little dark, but then who needs a clown with a balloon coming to your tent on your birthday? F**k it! The Lovely Eggs are lovely, watermelons are lovely, saying f**k it is lovely, they do it so sweetly, the lovely eggs are brilliant, and these songs are another two reasons why.

F**k It is released on May 30th.
And the press release says this is the best record DJs will never play… they don’t listen to Resonance FM on a Sunday night do they? 

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