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Rough Fields' sunny day gentle glitch, and the visual art of Sarah Faraday

June 4th 2011

ROUGH FIELDS – Watery Fable (Bombdrop) - Sunny day gentle glitch and toes in the shallow water goodness. Lazy days, climbing trees, taming birds, lighting fires, watery fables. Rough Fields is the operating name of Manchester’s James Birchall and these are delicate walks down breezy laid back musical side paths.  Gentle electronic glitch, mellow acoustic tunes - relaxed voice, simple, uncluttered, sunny, introspective warmth, clever textures, delicate layers, minimalist glow, refined delightfulness. 

Recorded in January 2011 in a flat in Tottenham, Watery Fable is a (thoroughly fictional) tale about the last two living members of a made-up tribe, and their ultimate abandonment of their traditional land. It's a vague parable of letting go, non-entrenchment, fluidity and moving on. The sound sources are found objects, rescued instruments, mechanical toys, weird artefacts of analogue kit and a healthy dose of environmental recordings.

Watery Fable is out on June 6th as a digital download or a limited 7” featuring artwork by photographer Sarah Faraday  The debut Rough Fields album is set for a September release. 

Here comes a video, made by Sarah Faraday…

You can buy it on 7" or download over at Rough Fields' Bandcamp page. 

And here’s another Sarah Faraday, Rough Fields visual/musical collaboration:

“Music video for "Manila" by Rough Fields, produced by Sarah Faraday.  "Manila" is almost completely constructed from rescued instruments (a violin found on a tip, a rebuilt mandolin, a melodica with 15 working keys, a 2 string guitar) and found sounds. It's sort of a love song. But not really”

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