Thing of the Day

Nobody cares about your Abercrombie bra!

June 10th 2011

Screama BallerinaToday’s Thing of the Day is a debut single on Sid Abuse’s Velocity label... seems like the label that formed out of messy 90’s zine Abuse, has found a bit of form again….

SCREAMA BALLERINA – Rich Bitches (Velocity) - Healthy bit of where’s your big society class war rich-bitch baiting and some bratty punk pop (or is it designer shoe envy?) from the delightfully named Screama Ballerina.  A short sharp outburst of a feisty spiky shouty punky guitar-driven explosion, and a rather agreeably angry four piece from somewhere in the South of England.

  Screama Ballerina are a throwback to the 90’s and those (now probably long forgotten) teen-punk satellite town bands of the last century, bands like Period Pains or Pin Ups or Disco Pistol, those teenage dysfunctions who played in the chaos of places like the Oporto Bar and such…  and wow you're amazing and I wish I was you, living life like a Princess… Nobody cares about your Abercrombie bra… Screama Ballerina are just a little bit pissed off - seems they don’t like that they think they are better than us, and never mind that everything has fallen on its arse and that they are running the country or that they’re meant to be the ones that we trust….  Oh daaaaddy oh daddy I need a new dress as hey run about with daddy’s credit card - and now they’re running the country as Screama Ballerina livethey thumb their noses at the likes of us disgust.   Two minutes and eleven seconds of female-fronted shouty gobby council estate resentment and one-two-three-four go -  a two minute ball of energy and of course dear have my credit card… 
    Charlie O’Conner is her name, she's armed with angry energy and a feisty band to back her up. If they keep all this up then one day she’ll have all the money, she’ll have the power, she’ll own half the world and have money to burn… ok then, she’ll probably have a one off buzzing blast of an angry pop single that goes un-noticed by most, she might have fifteen megabytes of obscure indie internet fame and a nodding smile of approval from Steve Lamacq (or whoever runs things from Steve’s old seat now) before she goes back to shovelling more of their shit.  Actually she sounds like she does care about that Abercrombie bra: she’s got a resentful chip on her shoulder and a lashing edge to her shouty voice - she’d probably make Johnny Rotten smile just a little. Well, anger is an energy and all that  Surely this is how Johnny would like all new bands to be, all defiant angry shouty punk-pop energy and a two minute ball of healthy resentment…

Screama Ballerina’s  debut single Rich Bitches is out on Velocity on July 4th

And also out on Velocity on the very same July 4th is the new single from The Neon Mile

THE NEON MILE – Weight In Gold (Velocity) - Classy slice of lush 80’s pop, bit of an Associates feel (and that’s meant as high compliment), Spandau Ballet, Bowie, gleaming full-bodied pop with a subtle riff that’s actually a killer, fine bass lines too. The Neon Mile are from the slightly cut off (well from the influences of London anyway) southern English seaside town of Bournemouth and a studio that’s a “shiny pebble’s throw from the sea”. The one track we have here is refreshing, its a subtle shimmer of a song that takes a little time to really grab hold - it wil, though. Weight In Gold sounds like one of those guilty pleasures from a hits of the 80’s compilation album, all slightly new romantic and Heaven 17 and Aztec Camera and really rather good. Treasure deep within your wave of mind…

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