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11.11 is a collection of 22 artists and the name of a show opening at Brick Lane’s East Gallery this week…

June 14th 2011

"In time or date, the recurring phenomenon of 11:11 is acknowledged - and seen as a ‘wake up call’: a time to stop, look, listen and reflect on the world around you.

Asboluv11:11 is 22 artistic responses from 22 artists: 11 broadly operating within the sphere of fine art and 11 within that of urban art. 22 artists whose work ranges from the bold and socio-political to the subtle and poetic.

Snub23Artists Rugman (Rum Knuckles), Asboluv and Snub both embrace and subvert the world as it is in all it’s tragi-comic glory — creating iconic images with a dark and knowing humour. Meanwhile, others make the familiar world seem strange and alien:

Lorraine Clarke creates curious, shamanistic dolls that provide ‘...a spiritual rollercoaster ride into the human psyche.” (Jessica Lack: The Guardian), whilst Cake and Neave (formerly the Little Artists) re-stage and re-present iconic artworks and scenes in Lego.

Schoony’s time spent working in the special effects department in Hollywood serves him well with his amazingly life-like sculptural works, whilst original Britart darling Josie McCoy paints the stars of Hollywood and beyond – gazing down on us in their glorious other-worldly glow.

The strange and beautiful aesthetic continues in the work of rightly ubiquitous artist and illustrator David Bray and the painter Lex Thomas - whose intricate, obsessive and sinister works evoke both the hyper-real and the surreal.

TwinkleThoughts around utopia and dystopia, the past and the future pervade. These themes are picked up in the work of Tinsel and Twinkle – whose works evoke notions of nostalgia, a lost ‘British-ness’ and the highs and lows of pop culture in equal measure.

This fluid merging and overlap of both time and place is echoed in the video work of Berlin based artist Christopher Steadman — who has numerous prestigious residencies to his name. Painters Adrian Pritchard and Mimei Thompson meanwhile, are ultimately concerned with the fluidity of their medium in itself, with presenter Lauren Laverne saying of the former: ‘...he pours, spins and throws paint at stuff and it LOOKS COOL. I’m in!’

Curators Infinity Bunce, Russell Chater and Richard Stone add their own works to the heady mix: with Bunce’s kitsch silicone-covered plant paintings; Chater’s cool and ambiguous photographs derived from magazine adverts—and Stone’s eerie wax engulfed figurines.

The creative, cultural, historical and religious melting pot that is Brick Lane offers all these artists a suitably rich backdrop to their works".

11:11 show
11:11 opens at Brick Lane’s East Gallery for the private view on June 16th – 6pm until 9pm, the show is then open daily from 1pm until 8pm from June 17th until June 23rd. (N.B the images work displayed on this page may not be the pieces in the show)…

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