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Anthem Of Hearts, the new single from PETER KERNEL

June 16th 2011

Anthem of Hearts is the new PETER KERNEL, the first single to be taken from the upcoming album White Death & Black Heart (Africantape / On the Camper Records, October 2011). The music video is written and performed by Peter Kernel (Aris, Barbara, Ema). Filmed by Peter Kernel and Simon Brazzola.

Ever excellent French label Africantape say: “After 3 years performing on stages across Europe and experimenting through long improvisations, Peter Kernel are back with a new single that simply stays in your head.  It's about staying up late. Feeling the need to do something simple in a simple way.  You'll sing.  Like a drunk, but you'll sing. Through Peter KernelAnthem of Hearts Peter Kernel suggest you make love. A lot.”

 “Peter Kernel play music anyone can play in an attempt to' satisfy man's basic human instinct. Primary rock. Peter Kernel are a Swiss Canadian art-punk trio including Aris Bassetti (guitar, voice, graphic designer), Barbara Lehnhoff (bass, voice, filmmaker) and Ema Matis (drums, drummer). Inspired by a love story Peter Kernel are engagingly intimate and in a primitive and sexy manner reinterpret pop music...” 

So reads their Facebook biography, read on here: -
You can get the limited yellow and black vinyl seven inch single from Africantape via this link:  africantapegroup/peter-kernel-anthem-of-hearts

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