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Scumbag philosophiserJune 18th 2011

SCUMBAG PHILOSOPHER tell us that God is dead so they listen to Radiohead - they have a single called exactly that, well almost exactly, the single is actually called God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead. They’re from Norwich and they were once called Fuck Dress, well, last time we wrote about them, they were. Their single is off their new album, the album came out this week, the title is “It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing”. Here’s the video, and somewhere further down the page you’ll find the links you’ll need once you’ve enjoyed the video.. 


Here’s what the band say about their video:

God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead' is about a certain kind of suburban Nietzsche freak who attaches themselves to certain introspective musicians and to certain philosophers - or rather to their more well-known quotes.

In the 70s that musician would have been Bowie - these days it's Radiohead.

So the song contains lines like:

"I've got a will to power, that's why I don't shower."

"I live with my mum in a chalet bungalow and I've read half of Ecce Homo."

But mainly it's shouting "God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead".

(Btw, some members of Scumbag Philosopher think Radiohead are great and the others think that they're rubbish.)

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