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London’s Perhaps Contraption performing Lunch For The Worms

June 21st 2011

 Perhaps Contraption  “proudly announce the arrival of their second LP, Business”. 

Perhaps ContraptionThe band go on to tell us that “Business is a psychedelic avant-folk excursion, melding twisted pop, mathematic expulsions & soaring instrumental soundscapes. Built around intricate acoustic guitar and fleshed out with bassoon, saxophones, flutes and percussion, the journey is comprised of two distinct segments. Each composition is seamlessly glued with found sounds, gorgeously entwined woodwind & detailed studio wizardry. Jammed with desperate soliloquies about the music industry & ecological / mortal meme-fucks, Business flinches at the mental clutter we are bombarded with incessantly. All delivered with Perhaps Contraption’s quintessential Dada-infused English eccentricity”.

Perhaps If the video has you interested then here comes the link, but be aware that the video only gives you a small part of what Perhaps Contraption are about, right now they’re out at festivals with a their “marching art band”, you never quite know what you’re going to get with Perhaps Contraption, a marching band? A small acoustic group? A bigger psychedelic prog rock flavoured electric outfit?  You never quite know until you get there…

Perhaps Contraption is an ever-evolving, genre-bridging musical performance collective.
 Our output currently falls into 3 main areas:

The Mobile Device – A Radical Art-Marching Band; a roving lung & percussion-powered assault. Regurgitating swing & deeply danceable wonky pop; songs are peppered with jubilant horns, choral vocals & Dada-fuelled theatricals.

Rock in Opposition – Meticulously ma-thematic avant-rock, psychedelic excursions & ferocious free improvisation. Drawing upon Fluxus & Maximalism; this spontaneous musical tentacle is infused with the humour & tragedy of today’s detritus.

Anti-Folk – Finger-picked guitar, gentle / absurd confessions, weaved woodwind…
 Live performances are often peddled by Squier Squier & Susie Showers; combining comedy, poetry and multi-instrumental intricacies. From a manifesto for the sandwich to questions about your orgasms; intimate warblings and whiffs of English whimsy are abound.

And here’s another track, a free download taste of the new album

And their excellent debut album Sludge and Tripe is also available as a free/name your price download here:

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