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STINGING NETIL PREVIEW PART TWO… Loolie Hapgood, and Country Dirt

Loolie's Naughty plateJune 25th 2011

  We’re getting closer to the Stinging Netil, so here comes part two of our  preview and a look at Loolie’s painted peepshow subversive creative naughtiness…  

LOOLIE HAPGOOD is an artist of some repute, not so much an ‘anonymous artist’ these days, no tales  of a group of anonymous art terrorists here. Loolie says on her website “I am an artist who transforms mundane, dark corners into bright, beautiful spaces”. She certainly achieves that, and with her latest work, she does so in a rather mischievous way

    “I'm looking forward to this. I have a stall and I shall be selling all the marvellously rude things I have been making this year including my new etchings. Expect to see some irreverent shit (in a good way )” 

You can explore some of Loolie’s “marvellously rude things”  via her Painted Peepshow website – :

Loolie naughty plateDear you

Never lose sight of the horn. You are alive and life comes from the horn.

Be the giver of horn.

Just like your own erotic awakenings were precious hand made thrills - so too are these artefacts: Limited editions of poke bespoke. Hand crafted and brought to you with the same pure rush of your first French kiss.


Of her beautifully etched plate she says, “What a pleasant surprise one finds under that slice of chocolate Gateaux...a beautifully etched vagina on an elegant coupe plate”. And there is the male version, of course...  

Loolie brings her Painted Peepshow creativity to the Stinging Netil Art Fair this coming Sunday. It all happens from 11am onwards, all through the day, on Sunday July 10th over here in East London. 

   And while you’re taking a look at Loolie’s artistic goodies, the rather excellent COUNTRY DIRT will be entertaining you with their own brand of mischievous bluegrass flavoured country rock.

Here’s their music packed Facebook page for you to explore and maybe even 'like', and here a couple of You Tube tastes…

Country Dirt's Extraordinary Rendition Mashup...

Country Dirt: Pussy Whip

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