Thing of the Day

Piano shaped days...

Luke Jerram with Times Square Street PianoJune 27th/28th 2011

No Thing Of The Day this Monday or Tuesday, for this Monday and Tuesday are set aside for piano painting days and there shall be no time for any other things of any size or shape. Everything is street piano shaped for the next two days…

Go here to learn more about twenty pianos left on the street at artist Luke Jerram's ongoing Play Me I’m Yours series. (That's him, playing in Times Square New York  last year). Twenty pianos left around the City of London for people to play. All twenty pianos will be painted by invited artists as part of this year’s City of London festival. Here’s a link to the Play Me I'm Yours web site, with maps, photos, piano stories

Cheap Essential Scenery

...Meanwhile: the absence of a Thing, here’s one of our favourite pieces of art – street art, sculpture, scrap art, call it what you will. 

This piece of Cheap Essential Scenery, a Windmill over ten foot high, was built by sculptor Alan Keel twenty five years ago this summer. 

It didn’t stay up for long, the art police called in the easy option of the health and safety teams and up it went in flames before they could tear it down. For a glorious couple of weeks there it stood, waving its sails defiantly at everyone (older Organ readers may remember a screen printed image of the windmill on the back of an early Organ). Twenty Five years on and that Windmill is still one of our favourite bits of art… 

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