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STINGING NETIL PREVIEW PART THREE: Emma Harvey, Dannielle Hodson and the Unlikeness Project

Emm Harvey paintingJune 30th 2011

Ten days until the Stinging Netil and the third part of our preview: a look at Emma Harvey’s painted observations, Dannielle Hodson’s colourful, loose, life studies and the ongoing Unlikeness collaborative photography project… 

Painter EMMA HARVEY’s very personal exploration via the medium of oil paint promises to take a slightly different twist with a new set of pieces she’s currently working on to show at the Stinging Netil.  Emma is busy creating a whole new series of observations via acrylic and cardboard;  the little preview of work in progress we’ve seen looked colourfully good. The piece of Emma Harvey’s work on this page is a bigger painting called Red Lips and Ties, a recent self portrait in oil on canvas…

Unlikeness Broadway MarketUNLIKENESS is a collaborative photography project, an ongoing project that deals with choice and ownership, taking and giving, power and value.

“Who OWNS an image? Why do we pass so much value of ownership to the artist or photographer 'taking' the image? How come that the person/object 'captured' in the image either has no rights or pays handsomely to re-gain partial ownership of the created likeness? Why do we think that more value was created by choosing the decisive moment than by exposing oneself to the operator of a photographic machine?”Unlikeness

 UNLIKENESS is a project invented, owned and performed by Marcus Kern. You might have seen Marcus and his Unlikeness bike around London; his set-up is mobile enough to turn up in all sorts of public places. 

Marcus will be bringing his Unlikeness project to the Stinging Netil Art Fair…

Our final preview is of the work of DANNIELLE HODSON, who will have some of her prints at the Stinging Netil, some stencil pieces as well. “I’ll have some colourful, loose, life studies too, that I think are quite eye catching. The very nature of my work means that it really differs lots depending how I feel”. 

Dannielle Hodson

DannielleNot really sure what Dannielle will bring along to show and sell on the day, but we do rather like what we see.

A one time fashion design student at St Martin’s, there’s a whole host of interesting pieces of artwork, striking fashion pieces, bold use of colour, stencil work, paintings, prints and more to be found on her websites and in her Facebook photo albums. Looking forward to seeing what kind of colourful loose life Dannielle brings along to the Stinging Netil

The Stinging Netil Art Mart is a free art fair and  gathering that happens in Hackney on Sunday 10th July 2011 - Netil Car Park, close by London Fields overground and the many buses of Mare Street - all the details here.


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