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Happy Birthday Tim Smith!

July 2nd 2011

Tomorrow, June 3rd, is the 50th birthday of the main man, composer, singer and guitarist of Cardiacs - Tim Smith.

We could go into pages and pages of why Cardiacs were - and always will be- such an important band, how they influenced so many people (especially us!), and how the world seems to have finally caught up with their music.  We could write pages about why Tim is not only admired but loved by those close and far away across the globe.   But a lot of what gets written down about Cardiacs and Tim is hard to believe - I mean, how many times have you heard the word 'genius' bandied around the 'quite good' and the word 'unique' describing the everyday?  Luckily, these days we can just show you.

Happy birthday Tim.  x  And thank you...

Cardiacs rehearsal videos.

Sadly, Tim Smith is currently very unwell and needs lots of care.  Lend a hand here.

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