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Death Grips - new video

July 13th 2011

Death Grips - Ex MilitaryThese things have become seismic events.  Who or what is Death Grips? Appearing out of nowhere around March this year, Death Grips just popped up out of the ether with a web site, a video and a link to the name of Zach Hill, drummer/composer extraordinare sparking the first bit of attention - and then the thing kicking off as the sheer quality of these near-anonymous transmissions is appreciated. 

Death Grips are Zach and three or four other people in an intensely collaborative unit, based in Sacramento, California, they're a force unto themselves - the genre may approximate hip-hop, but the attitude carries echoes of the area's original counter culture and brittle, dangerous psychedelia - yet has as much in common with UK grime and dub.  Someone called Flatlander does (most of) the video making; Mexican Girl and Info Warrior give vocals and who-knows-what-else, Zach Hill drums and  no doubt more, and the face at the front with the fierce, deep words is MC Ride.  Their work appears unannounced,  Facebook-spread, seemingly lacking in any of the accoutrements of 'industry' - some kind of backroom industry, or spawned out of a compound in the desert (or apartments in the scummy, cheap bits of Sacramento). Hard-edged, futuristic, but there's some kind of mystical undercurrent - survival magic, stuff that you can't put a finger on. 

  Death Grips Beware
There's a whole album, Ex Military, to download for free - track after track memorable and addictive, the whole already being whispered about as being a seminal moment in underground avant hip hop history...  Latest video, appearing unheralded this week, is to opening track 'Beware' - visually the most straightforward yet, channelling Antonioni...

More videos, lyrics, downloads of Ex Military here:

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