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Two from Cockrockdisco: 8rolek and The Nam-Shub of Enki

July 14th 2011

That hive of all that is messed-up, retro-engineered and sonically perverse in dance music (whatever that is these days), Cockrockdisco, presents two recent downloads worth your attention. 

Now, if you look at the once very busy Cockrockdisco web site you might be forgiven for thinking that CRD had slowed down in some way. Not at all - Jason Forrest, AKA the busiest man in the world, and the man behind Cockrockdisco, finds 'updating the HTML a pain' and does much of his communicating on the CRD forum  . and here's the free download page  where you can find these two works, and many others  - with 8rolek and Nam Shub of Enki being some of the most recent and immediate standout stuff in terms of stretching the envelope.

First, 8rolek:

8rolek8rolek - Waltz Steps EP
 "A Swing that approximates the squareroot of a Quazar - Raban's 8rolek is back with 7 new tracks that will throw out ya neck! 
Full of funk, completely arty yet designed to rip up the club, this release should find a lot of friends worldwide!"

As 8rolek explains on his Facebook page:

 "8rolek is up-to-date dancable project of Bartek Kujawski.

He has released three albums in mik.musik label as 8rolek. On those releases you could hear his hums, cracks and legendary asynchronic rhythm layers.

In June 2008 warsztat8r label released CD "Bartek Kujawski - murlull movies" with more matured and serious side of Bartek's creation. You could say, that new face of 8rolek is in opposition with music that Bartek sign with his own name.
Explosive mix of disco, haus, breakbeat, samba, drum'n'bass, baroque, roccocco, rave, anti-minimal and everything making you dance. 
Of course, such a mixture won't make every housewife to move the leg always where the snare drum preach.
But you, sunshine, for sure would dance whole night."

Waltz Steps does what it says on the tin, kind of - messes with 3/4 time, stretches and abuses it, makes for fit into three whether it wants to or not. Dancefloor trip hazard!

And Nam Shub:

...Or Nam Shub of Enki, to give this respected Australian underground dance DJ's project its full name (and yes, I know what a Nam Shub of Enki is, and indeed so do some of you - and yes, this music is spot on as a soundtrack to the adventures of Hiro Protagonist, sounds like something heard in the dodgier nightclubs on The Raft...)  ...Phree is a lysergic, garish, messed up, chopped up bag of attitude. Like the weirder days of Amon Tobin gone a bit Terminal Cheesecake, with the attention deficit disorder Cockrockdisco general aesthetic. Maddening and brilliantly coloured.

Nam Shub of EnkiNamShub - PHREE --- NEW FREE ALBUM!
" We're delighted to announce the release of yet another super-awesome rave-fueled orgy of bass, dancing, awesomeness, and music that will utterly delight your ears and other bodily bits. Yes, Namshub - AKA Phil from Monster Zoku Omsomb has allowed us to release some of his many incredible tunes for all to download and enjoy. Calling him a genius does him a disservice, as he masterfully warps all the concepts of contemporary dance music into a rich tapestry of all things rave. It's not just futuristic - it's also just DAMN GOOD! ...The Nam Shub Of Enki’s music is bass heavy genre destroying dynamite..."

Download, unzip, listen on repeat whilst reading Snow Crash...
Nam Shub Of Enki facebook

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