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London’s Morton Valence have just about the most perfect slice of pop waiting for you.

July 15th 2011

Sailors is released this coming Monday July 18th, a prime piece of electro pop glam-vaudeville goodness; more importantly, an insanely catchy piece of real deal earworm that you do very much need to check out…

Morton ValenceMORTON VALENCE – Sailors (Bastard) - Not quite got a handle on who Morton Valence are yet. Can’t pin down their sound and what they’re about, keep hearing songs that bear no relation to previous songs. They’ve got these ears interested, though. 

There’s songs on the new album that are excellent, there are other things that sound like they’ve come from a completely unrelated band. It might be hard to quite work out who what or where Morton Valance are - but I do know that the more I hear the more I like them, and as a one-off single Sailors is rather brilliant. 

Sailors is a classic pop single, the kind of thing you’d leave the arm of the record player over for so that the seven inch version just stays on repeat all day. Sailors is insanely catchy, with its heroes, wine and revolution, with those glorious synth lines that might just be guided by an albatross, or maybe a thousand marching solders… This is a classic single, sounds like a happy Stranglers tune with a bit of very poppy They Might Be Giants, a classic single that would have been all over the radio in the 70’s, on acceptably heavy rotation during the MTV heydays of the late 80’s. A timelessly classic pop single that’s catchy in the very best of proper (alternative) pop ways. 

It's a song that Morton Valence have had around for some time, a timeless song they’ve had waiting, waiting for the right moment. The time is now: embrace those Heroes chords, and those hero words - it has us talking in positive ways of Bowie’s Heroes or Sailor’s Glass of Champaign, or the best pop singles REM ever made... There are bands would sell their souls and a whole lot more for a pop riff like this. Dangerously perfect pop - was it Arthur C Clark who wrote that story about the man who wrote the perfect earworm pop melody that got stuff inside his head and stole his mind for ever? Hit the repeat one more time, we are sailors…. Classic pop single

'Sailors' promo

'Sailors' live

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