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PURO INSTINCT, who are they? Well, they're over here this week..

July 16th 2011

Puro InstictPURO INSTINCT, who are they? Joey Kern leads our horse to water and tells us why Puro Instinct are his new obsession ahead of the Southern Californian band’s debut UK dates:

Everyone seems to need touchstones. Mention a new band to someone and usually the first question back to you is: Who do they Sound Like?

When it comes to Puro Instinct the answer is nobody – they just sound like Puro Instinct. And I can’t think of a higher compliment to pay to the band. Every lazy comparison is to lump them in with Best Coast, when in fact, they are much more dissimilar then similar. Sure, they are both on Mexican Summer and both bands are fronted by women and both are based out of Southern California but all similarities end there. Same location, same label does not equal the same band.

Best Coast mostly recalls Beach Boys and 60s-ish pop where Puro Instinct summon up echoes of Russian new wave like Kino, hints of late 80s pop and new wave – perfectly fused together perfectly together on No Mames. They do an amazing job of weaving all their influences together and come up with a record of 10 infectious jams that are broken up by DIY pioneer R. Stevie Moore KDOD radio station interludes that prevent the songs from stylistically crashing into each other and also evoke the feeling that you found one of the best compilation records ever but instead of many bands you get one amazing band imaging what the best compilation album ever would send like and just decided to make it themselves.

Puro Instinct

Puro Instinct push beyond the California surf vibe with tracks like Silky Eyes that kick off with a bouncy keyboard intro, works in an awesome guitar solo that leads to a great breakdown/bass fill outro as Piper’s voice blends perfectly with the music as she sings over a track that could only be created by this band. At times her lyrics can be impenetrable but it’s a strong point of the band as you go back and try to figure out what she’s singing in some songs. And I have hand it to anyone who can work the word magnadazat into a song on album masterpiece Stillyagi

The band really fleshes out their sound when they perform live. Mike Baum keeps it all together on the drums while tied in with Austin Hinckles on bass anchoring the rhythm section, while Brooke Murray’s haunting keyboards provide a haunting wash as Skylar Kaplan and Cody Porter play duelling guitars and Piper does her thing on vocals. You really need to check them out live to see what that means.

Their debut album, Headbangers in Ecstasy, kicks off every Friday night at my house. It sets the right mood for the weekend by just making you feel like the world is going to melt away as you get completely lost in the euphoria.

It’s like William Shakespeare said: You can lead a horse to water you can’t make him drink. Ok, well maybe he didn’t say that…but he probably said all those words separately at some point…..but when it comes to Puro Instinct…that horse should really drink the water.

Puro Instinct play:
July 18th Ruby Lounge, Manchester
July 19th White Heat @Madame Jojo’s Soho London
July 20th Windmill Brixton London


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