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London Pleasure GardensMutate Britain's Pleasure Gardens

July 22nd 2011

What are Mutate Britain doing now? Well they’ve just announced that they’re rather pleased to be part of this:
Pleasure gardens drawing
“Between the 16th and 18th centuries London had three large public gardens where local, national and international visitors could experience the art, music and culture that made London great.

Now, The Pleasure Gardens are back to make one of the original locations - the Royal Victoria Dock - a brand new mecca for people of all kinds in search of a vibrant, exciting and modern cultural experience - brought to you by the makers of Glastonbury's Shangri La, Mutate Britain and a host of other talents. It's big. It's new. And we're planning on making it extraordinary. 

Mutate Britain's London Pleasure Gardens site
City Airport is nearby, we're well served by The DLR, we have a big carpark and we're opening phase one at the end of this year”.

The London Pleasure Gardens begin this coming November 2011

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