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A new album from The Imagination School

July 23rd 2011

The Savage Coast, Imagination SchoolIMAGINATION SCHOOL – The Savage Coast (Sonic Junction) 

Should have written about this weeks ago; truth is, I’ve been enjoying The Savage Coast far too much to clutter up that enjoyment with the task of once again coming up with words. Imagination School albums are always very, very enjoyable, they’re always uncluttered, cleansing, clever in their simplicity (that not to say this is simple work, far from it).

The Savage Coast is neither classical music or rock music, just beautifully soothing instrumental warmth, gentle full-bodied pastoral flow, atmospheric melancholy, dark green leafy electronic soundscapes that really don’t sound like mere electronic pieces.  All rendolent of the smell and feel of wide skies of the East Sussex coastline, where the Imagination School lives.

Vaughn Williams, the very quiet side of Cardiacs (and their affectionate friends), classic Mike Oldfield and a slowly evolving piece of very soothing, very English sounding music. Walks in fields, sun through leafy summer canopies, easy days and everything sounding just right. This time around the piece is a little more repetitive – but as motifs evolving in a positive way, rather like clouds slowly forming, shapes changing without really bringing attention to the changes. We could talk of post-rock, classical warmth, of folk melodies, of full-bodied instrumental symphonies, but, ultimately, this is just a wonderfully soothing piece of very enjoyable, uplifting, relaxing music.

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