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The big Big Sir giveaway

July 29th 2011

Big SirSARGENT HOUSE RECORDS celebrate the completion of the new BIG SIR album by making the previous album available for free for this weekend only….

Seems that, after a five year wait, Big Sir have just completed their third album. The album isn’t actually out until January 12th. Hang on though, it may not be out until next year but we tell you about this today because the good people of Sargent House have, in celebration of the completion of said new album, made the band’s previous album, Und Die Scheibe Andert Sich Immer available as a free download for this weekend only… 

Big Sir are Lisa Papineau and Juan Alderete, the new album will a whole load of guest players, including Cedric Bixler Xavala on drums.

Sargent House say “We’ve already been talking a lot about Lisa and Juan’s other projects; Sargent House put out Lisa Papineau’s solo album Red Trees in 2010 and is releasing the new EP she just did with our own Matthew Embree, under the moniker ME&LP, entitled Chez Raymond on August 9, 2011. Juan plays bass in The Mars Volta, as well as in the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group and Vato Negro. We figured it was time to start talking about their new Big Sir album and to introduce to you this music if you are not familiar already. So we will be giving away for FREE a download of their last album entitled Und Die Scheiße Ändert Sich Immer all weekend, just enter your email address - we won’t spam you and you can unsubscribe anytime if you don’t want any further news from Big Sir.  Enjoy and share it with friends!”

Big SirIf you’re not familiar with Und Die Scheibe Andert, then go treat yourselves to some rather refined, female-voiced, soothing alternative groove that comes laced with a healthy helping of mellow funk, some fine jazz flavoured prog and some chunky undercurrents that pull those elements towards the kind of grooved-out earfood you’d expect from people associated with the bass end of The Mars Volta.  
   Clever details, alternative colour, different shades – some of it sounds like a Californian take on Bristol trip-hop, some of it sounds like Portishead via somewhere like Philadelphia, most of it sound like mellow sunshine (I’m pretty sure that isn’t only because I just downloaded it time for the warm mellowness of the sinking London summer evening sun), Some of it just gets on a Seventies-flavoured alt.rock groove, always with the little details and the cruising along Santa Monica freeway, once they hit the Westside… hey look, you don’t need a review of a five year old album, grab it now, they’ve giving it to you free for the weekend, go download it, have a listen, what could possibly go wrong?


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