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July 30th 2011

Quilla!One of the more hideous venues in London is the appallingly named Punk, a notoriously overpriced pit that treats bands (and audiences) rather badly (though really, you bands should know better than to ever play the damn place, why any of you ever do is a little beyond our comprehension). Probably just about as far away from the idea of what punk was, is and should continue to be…

So they booked Quilla Constance, and then they messed Quilla around. So Quilla played anyway, outside, as a protest… 

Here’s what it says alongside the footage of Quilla playing in the street outside ‘Punk’ on July 29th:

“Quilla Constance's hilarious reposte to the two-timing double booking pay to play pseudo-punk so-called 'PUNK Soho' club attracted an appreciative audience off the street on June 29th 2011.  The club's [at best] incompetent [at worst] greedy booking clerk had seen fit to cancel a regular club night in favour of a 'corporate event' leaving Quilla Constance badly out of pocket and saddled with 5,000 flyers, poster and PR bills.  The farcical offer of a gig the week before 'plus a few free drinks' enraged Constance but is typical of the treatment dished out to performers by music clubs. 

As it happened, Quilla played the gig on the scheduled date and at the allotted time ..... only OUTSIDE the club, succeeding in playing her set to a flashmob of supporters and passers-by.  A film crew captured Quilla's guerilla action, the dumbfounded door staff and bemused expressions of the startled corporate guests whilst paparazzi clicked and chuckled thoughout a rocking 24 minute set”.

You can catch Quilla Constance on the main stage at the Hackney Wicked Festival this Saturday

Remember now, you should never, ever pay to play, and that includes forced ticket buys and all the other ways they try to wrap it up, if you do so then you become part of a once again growing problem… These pay to play gigs are never any good, the venues and the gigs are never any good, and even having your name on one of these bills is just sending the wrong signals to those whose attentions you’re trying to attract…  there’s not a single thing to be gained from these kind of gigs.  There are PLENTY of decent promotors and venues out there if you look around.

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