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F where you're from, F where you're going, it's all about where you're at in September

August 6th 2011

Death Grips Time for some very important parish notices, no closing your eyes in season, for we have some tasty things to tell you about. 

Regular visitors to these pages will know how we feel about the mighty mountain of in your face noise that is the sound of DEATH GRIPS... well, 

Hell no, bring it on right now. Here come the UK dates

September 25th XOYO, London
September 27th ISLINGTON MILL, Manchester
September 28th NATION OF SHOPKEEPERS, Leeds
September 29th CAPTAIN’S REST, Glasgow

Dates beyond the shores of the UK can be found here

If you haven’t caught on to the vital musical shapes of Death Grips, the whole of the debut album can be downloaded for free from their Thirdworlds website (plus a whole array of videos, and lyrics...

Itgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoes -

F where you're from, F where you're going, It's all about where you're at

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