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Organ Hour playlist

August 8th 2011

ResonanceFMLast night’s Organ Hour radio show on Resonance FM, who got played and how you connect up to find out more if you liked what you heard broadcast last night..

Organ Hour playlist - ORGAN THING @ Resonance 104.4 FM, London. 7th August 2011 with Sean in the DJ seat this week

1/Intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: DEATH GRIPS –  Guillotine (download)
3: MIRANDA – Honk Honk, The Way We Grew With Comics (From Scratch)
4  MR STERILE ASSEMBLY –  Transit (Skirted)
5: DEATH GRIPS – Lord Of The Game (download)
6: UT – Ampheta Speaks (Mute)
7: MARIA & THE MIRRORS – Blond September (PLR)
8: CRO-MAGS – Malfunction (download)
9: SPLASHGIRL – Concerning This Square (Hubro)
10: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY –  Jesus Heels The Blind (Transit)
11: RUDE MECHANICALS – Taxidermy (Ex Gratia)
13: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION –  Gate 19 (Doubledgescissor)
14: SUBHUMANS – Religious War (Fat Wreck)
15: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – Bug My Ride (Skirted)
16: IMAGINATION SCHOOL –  Guided By Stars (self release)

Full playlist, track details, links for you to explore more and such…

1/Intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) – Our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of good looking art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project and lots more over at

2: DEATH GRIPS –  Guillotine (download) –  Death Grips are just about the most exciting band/thing out there right now, regular Organ readers/listeners will have noted that we’ve been going on about Zach Hill’s forward looking hip-hop flavoured thrill ride rather a lot since the first bit of sound started to emerge. Our excuse for playing more tonight is that glorious fact that they’ve just announced their debut UK dates. Things kick off in London on September 25th, more details, links, downloads and more here - organthing229.html

3: MIRANDA – Honk Honk, The Way We Grew With Comics (From Scratch) - Kind of out there on their very own frenetic edge, Miranda are a frantic new wave no wave this wave that wave three piece from Italy, This is their third spiky punchy album - Growing Heads Above The Roof  - they’re a drum, synth and bass player kind of operation, their songs are jagged, pointy, edgy, intense, their sound is different. Full Organ review, links and more here - organthing226.html

4 MR STERILE ASSEMBLY –  Transit (Skirted) – They’re essentially a two piece from New Zealand (with lots of additional guests adding details), they’re a rather unique New Wave flavoured thing somewhere between the floating anarchy of Gong and the progressive punk of Crass with touches of bands such as Devo, The Ex, Dogface Hermans, Ring.. mere signposts of course, Mr Sterile Assembly are uniquely good, and their latest album, Transit, is one of the best albums to come our way this year, full review, links, videos and more here - organthing224.html

5: DEATH GRIPS – Lord Of The Game (download) – See track 2

6: UT – Ampheta Speaks (Mute) - New wave No wave flavoured New York cult legends Ut have just announced their first UK tour in 20 years…. News of Ut touring should always be greeted with a glow of pleasure, they are one of those slightly different bands...Ut set out on a UK tour this September with a series of dates that include London’s Lexington on 23 September. Ut were formed by Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young in New York City in December 1978. Sprung from the downtown No Wave scene, inheriting the fertile collision between rock, free jazz and the avant garde that first manifested somewhere near the velver underground. Full UK dates, details, links and more here - organthing227.html

7: MARIA & THE MIRRORS – Blond September (PLR) – A revisit to the excellent Travel Sex EP Maria and the Mirrors put out back in June of this year. Played tonight because the rather impressively unpredictable experimental new wave three piece play a gig alongside Teeth Of The Sea and Gum Takes Tooth, at Madam JoJo’s in deepest Soho, London, this coming Tuesday 9th August. More details here -

8: CRO-MAGS – Malfunction (download) – Old school New York hardcore punk/metal crossover pioneers Cro-Mags are in London town this coming Monday 8th August, or at least a version of said legends, they’re at the Camden underworld, any excuse for a blast of classic slice from their Age Of Quarrel album in the shape of Malfunction over the London airwaves. You can find this track as a free download via - Stop press, seems the version of Cro-Mags playing the Underworld tonight have cancelled.   

9: SPLASHGIRL – Concerning This Square (Hubro) – Splashgirl are a beautifully sublime experimental avant jazz band from Norway and tonight we played a track from their forthcoming third rather fine album Pressure... Full review of said album along with details and links here - organthing228.html

10: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY –  Jesus Heels The Blind  (Skirted) – See track 4, another track from their most recent massively impressive album Transit.

11: RUDE MECHANICALS – Taxidermy (Ex Gratia) More from the glorious mind of Miss Roberts and her unique London band, a band who really do come up with shapes and colours that a just a little different. Zappa at an English high tea party laced with gin served by tube train driving aliens who could be called Derek? They say “Rude Mechanicals are a Pan-dimensional Creature manifesting itself in your reality as an Absurd Rock/Jazz/Punk Band consisting of Miss Roberts and her symbiotic slaves. Dancing, lessons in Toe Sucking, body fluid meditation and other complimentary therapies included. Come, come now to my dark dark dark dark pit of...darkness, and wallow in your decadent moistness....”  More here -
Rude Mechanicals play “a small gig” at Unit 24 art gallery.20 Great Guildford Street London SE1, this coming this Thursday August 11th at the opening of Kevin Wayne’s solo exhibition “Left To Your Own Devices” -

12: IMAGINATION SCHOOL – Big Ship  - An unreleased piece of instrumental beauty from Imagination School, a gloriously moving version of Cardiacs’ Big Ship that you can hear again on the Imagination School website. You won’t find Big Ship on the latest wonderful Imagination School album, The Savage Coast. The album is neither classical music or rock music, just beautifully soothing instrumental warmth, gentle full-bodied pastoral flow, atmospheric melancholy, dark green leafy electronic soundscapes that really don’t sound like mere electronic pieces.  All rendolent of the smell and feel of wide skies of the East Sussex coastline, where the Imagination School lives. Full album review and links here - organthing220.html

13: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION –  Gate 19 (Doubledgescissor) – London’s rather forthright, rather unique Cutthroat Convention have just dropped a new album on us, only just landed yesterday, not had time to explore it yet, sounds like they’re as challenging as ever though. Catch the band and their violin drenched heaviness at the Urban Bar, Whitechapel, East London this coming Saturday August 13th. More from or  

14: SUBHUMANS – Religious War (Fat Wreck) – long-standing, free-thinking, forward-looking English anarcho punk thinkers Subhumans are in town this Tuesday August 9th for a gig at Camden’s Underworld. Keep up with all things Subhumans and their sister band Citizen Fish vis their official site - This live track is taken from the band’s Live In A Dive album released in U.S label Fat Wreck -

15: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – Bug My Ride (Skirted) - – See track 4, another track from their most recent massively impressive album Transit.

16: IMAGINATION SCHOOL –  Guided By Stars (self release) – We closed tonight with a piece of music from the latest Imagination School album, see track 12 for more details.

That’s how it went this week, Marina’s turn next week with her Other Rock Show and the further exploration of rock music beyond he norm of 4/4

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