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Paranoid Foundation 

August 10th 2011

Paranoid FoundationPARANOID FOUNDATION – Threads (PF) – Atmospheric, beat-heavy (not too beat heavy), six track mini album. Industrial ambiance, dark soundscapes, spoken word electronic claustrophobia, clinging thoughts, slow moving beats, inside, waiting for the rain to stop... A rolling menace undercut with just a touch of spacerock bleep and fuzz, the darkside of late 70’s Hawkwind and lighthouse shining stars, a little more menacing, far more sinister actually, a darker fate awaiting, justified paranoia? Cryptic lyrical flow, meaty sub-bass dub, twitching electronica... rather like this.Those synth noises that electronic seagulls make. Andrew Walker is the name responsible: seems he gathered together the spoken word vocals of Crispin Lee, took himself off onboard a research ship for two months, out there in the cold South Atlantic Oceanwith the pre-recorded vocal fragments and a lot of downtime to fill when he wasn’t working. Two months cramped in the small cabin of a little research vessel, “miles off the barren windswept South American coastline” constructing the works that were to become Threads. This is the fifth release from Paranoid Foundation, the first came out in 2004, This release is our first encounter, and we’ll be off to check out the back catalogue very soon; this has us positively curious as it closes in on us (though you might not want to be Paranoid Foundationlistening on this on headphones at night while out there walking the dark streets – unless you want that paranoid adrenalin rush, that is).

Six tracks, six dark atmospheric tracks, dark rolling tracks, dark flowing brooding claustrophobic beats that lurk underneath the surface rather than imposing themselves. Maybe that two months out in the middle of nowhere rolling around on the dark night-time waves did affect the sound? The heavy beats are there under the surface with the fragmented vocal lines; the spoken words and the details from the gentle synths, thoughts suspended from a thread, hanging there in the ether, throbbing on the engines, lighting up the night sky. Soothing in a very uneasy, offsetting kind of way... sinister, a paranoid foundation indeed, dark and intriguing. Chivalry still starts fights, which tune shall we dance to?By the time we get to the almost dance beats of closing track These Amber Hours, they have us looking over our shoulders far too much (or for skybound threats) to really think of dancing.

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