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Organ on the air: Sunday 21st August 2011

August 22nd 2011

PLAYLIST: ORGAN THING on London’s Resonance 104.4FM presented by Sean Organ, Sunday August 21st 2011.

1/Intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2:  DEATH GRIPS – Guillotine (download)
3:  TO ARMS ETC. – Bear Talk (self release)
4:  UPSILON ACRUX – Landscape With Gun and Chandelier (Cuneiform)
5:  TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES – Untitled (demo)
6:  400 BLOWS – Let The Lightning Strike (Org Music)
7:  TO ARMS ETC. – The Black Pampas (self release)
8:  DEATH GRIPS – Beware (download)
9:  ZACH HILL –  Toll Road (Ipecac)
10: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – Hibakusha (Skirted)
11: TO ARMS ETC. – The Hurting (self release)
12: PROTAGONISTS OF DAVID GADSDON – Patron Saint of Black Keys (self release)
13: CHARLES CAMPBELL-JONES – Stars (Bronzebat)
14: UT -  Swallow (Mute/Blast First)
15: Zs – 33~ (Northern Spy)
16 IMAGINATION SCHOOL – Big Ship (demo)

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1/Intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Backyard Rocket Ship (Blackbean & Placenta) – Our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of good looking art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums, her new Hardy Tree project and lots more over at

2: DEATH GRIPS –  Guillotine (download) –  Death Grips are just about the most exciting band/thing out there right now, regular Organ readers/listeners will have noted that we’ve been going on about Zach Hill’s forward looking hip-hop flavoured thrill ride rather a lot since the first bit of sound started to emerge. Our excuse for playing more tonight is that glorious fact that they’ve just announced their debut UK dates. Things kick off in London on September 25th, more details, links, downloads and more here - Arms etc

3: TO ARMS ETC. – Bear Talk (self release) - To Arms Etc make warm, clever proper prog that drips with all the uplifting tuneful goodness of the classic 70’s bands without ever sounding retro or dated.. This London band really are one of the best kept musical secrets around.. The latest self-titled album, their second, has just been release and the band play a South London show at the New Cross Inn on August 23rd, meanwhile find details of the album, sound files and links here -

4: UPSILON ACRUX – Landscape With Gun and Chandelier (Cuneiform) – A track off their most recent of many albums. Upsilon Acrux, to quote the bands own biog, “is an instrumental quartet now residing in Los Angeles, although originally the band is from San Diego County's hotbed for hair metal singers known as Vista, California. The music is not easy to describe but attempts to do so regard it as esoteric, mathematical, athletic, noisy and brutal”, they list Magma, This Heat, John Coltrane, King Crimson, Cardiacs, Henry Cow, Ornette Coleman, Polvo and Frank Zappa amongst their many influences, in our humble opinion, they are one of the finest bands around right now with their very forward looking boundary pushing idea of what proper undiluted ear-challenging maximalist prog rock is -

5: TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES – Untitled (demo) – The mysterious Tokyo thing that is a rather amazing assault on all your senses at once… They’re some sort of synth-driven Trippple Nipppleelectro other-rhythm multi coloured eyegasm of a band, driving beats, massive bounce, J-pop that really comes together when you’re in their pit and they’re on the stage - you really need to see them live. And this coming week they’re over in London playing at the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch on Thursday 25th Aug and Visions Video bar (wherever that is!?) in Saturday 27th – Explore more via

6: 400 BLOWS – Let The Lightning Strike (Org Music) – 400 Blows have a new album, the first from the L.A band in some six years. A little more than just a “loud, fast ass-kicking band”, hardcore experiments, and left field experiments gone slightly awry in the best of ways and, to quote the press release that just came in with new album, “an example of what can happen when splicing the DNA of Big Business, The Circle Jerks, Helmet and Godheadsilo together…” The new 400 Blows album, Sickness and Heath, is released on August 23rd in North America..

7: TO ARMS ETC. – The Black Pampas (self release) – See track three, another slice from the band’s impressive new album.

8: DEATH GRIPS – Beware (download) – See track two, beware, they’re coming…

9: ZACH HILL –  Toll Road (Ipecac) – The creatoholic that is Zach Hill; when he’s not thrilling out ears with onslaught that is Death Grips, or powering things behind the kit with his main band, the ever challenging Hella (I guess you’d call Hella his main band?), when he’s not doing all that (or playing drums in a multitude of other fine bands), he makes fine solo work like the excellent double CD album that is Astrological Straits – the 2008 album that this track can be found on -  

10: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – Hibakusha (Skirted) – They’re essentially a two piece from New Zealand (with lots of additional guests adding details), they’re a rather unique New Wave-flavoured thing somewhere between the floating anarchy of Gong and the progressive punk of Crass with touches of bands such as Devo, The Ex, Dogface Hermans, Ring.. mere signposts of course, Mr Sterile Assembly are uniquely good, and their latest album, Transit, is one of the best albums to come our way this year, full review, links, videos and more here - organthing224

11: TO ARMS ETC. –  The Hurting (self release) – See track three for more info, another track from a band we’re featuring tonight, this is they’re rather prog rock flavoured cover of the Tears For Fears song.  

12: PROTAGONISTS OF DAVID GADSDON – Patron Saint of Black Keys (self release) – Now who are these people? Free form improvising, almost spoken word poetic stream of consciousness jazz flavoured obtuse contradiction is what they deal in (well something near something like that). They’re from London, they keep appearing at left-field art events, unconventional venues, you can find out more via

13:  CHARLES CAMPBELL-JONES – Stars (Bronzebat) – Charles Campbell-Jones is one of the main forces in To Arms Etc., this is a rather special track from his solo album Wasting The Duke. Find the album via find out what Charles is doing now via

14: UT -  Swallow (Mute/Blast First) - New wave No wave flavoured New York cult legends Ut have just announced their first UK tour in 20 years…. News of Ut touring should always be greeted with a glow of pleasure, they are one of those slightly different bands...Ut set out on a UK tour this September with a series of dates that include London’s Lexington on 23 September. Ut were formed by Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young in New York City in December 1978. Sprung from the downtown No Wave scene, inheriting the fertile collision between rock, free jazz and the avant garde that first manifested somewhere near the velver underground. Full UK dates, details, links and more here -

15: Zs – 33~ (Northern Spy) – Brookyn’s very hardboiled avant thing Zs have just announced a new custom double 7” vinyl and digital release for November. It appears this is the first of quite a few interesting releases from the band. They’ve just agreed a deal with US label Northern Spy, there are plans for a box set of previous releases, a remix project and solo release as well as a new album, all of it guaranteed to be very hardboiled and as challenging as ever of course. Find out lots more about  “One of the strongest avant-garde bands in New York.” (NY Times) via

16: IMAGINATION SCHOOL – Big Ship (demo) - An unreleased piece of instrumental beauty from Imagination School, a gloriously moving version of Cardiacs’ Big Ship that you can hear again on the Imagination School website. You won’t find Big Ship on the latest wonderful Imagination School album, The Savage Coast. The album is neither classical music or rock music, just beautifully soothing instrumental warmth, gentle full-bodied pastoral flow, atmospheric melancholy, dark green leafy electronic soundscapes that really don’t sound like mere electronic pieces. All rendolent of the smell and feel of wide skies of the East Sussex coastline, where the Imagination School lives. Full album review and links here -

And that was it for this week’s radio show, next week should find Marina in the chair with her Other Rock Show and further explorations of broad pallet of rock music that exists beyond the boundaries of mere 4/4

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