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We Rock Hard in association with The Doctor’s Orders present THE KING ROBBO FUNDRAISER & ART AUCTION

August 30th 2011 

We Rock Hard in association with The Doctor’s Orders present THE KING ROBBO FUNDRAISER & ART AUCTION

The event happens for one in the afternoon through to midnight this coming Sunday 4th September 2011 at Cargo Courtyard, 83 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY
(Old Street Tube)

Minimum donation £5 in advance or on the door

8pm Auction hosted by John Nicholson. (Private/ Public Preview at Pure Evil Gallery 1st-3rd September). 
BBQ & Full Menu Served all day. Kids of all ages welcome until 7pm 
Plus live graffiti art. More info from

robbo fundraiser peice Artists contributing work to auction include Ben Eine, Reas, Goldie, Pure Evil, Prime, Daz (Rarekind), SheOne, Fuel, Andy Seize, Petro, Pranksky, EGS WD, Panik ATG, Zomby, Tizer, Don, Bonzai, Zaki, Part 2, Hush, Oscar Wilson, Will Barras, Kid Acne, Emarama, according to the organisers, the list of contributors keeps growing daily. There’s also DJs lined up all day, including Commix (Metalheads), Artful Dodger, Lazy Habits (DJ Set), Utah Jazz, DJ MK to name but a few

Here’s what We Rock Hard and The Doctor’s Orders have to say….

”King Robbo is the David to Banksy’s Goliath; with spray cans as their weapons of Choice, these two have been slugging out their artistic differences since 2009.

 King Robbo is blue-blooded royalty of London graffiti. A giant of a man, his work is as bold, colourful and oversized as he is. Robbo gained his status with a relentless onslaught of tags and multi-coloured pieces which adorned the sides of Tube carriages during the late 1980s until his retirement from the graffiti scene in the mid 90s. Yet in 2009 the calm was shattered when Street Artist Banksy painted over an original Robbo wall piece which had stood alongside London’s Regent’s Canal since 1985. In using Robbo’s work as backdrop for his ‘Decorator hanging wall paper’, Bansky covered over any remnants of the original artist’s name.

Seen as a blatant disregard for a rare piece of London's graffiti history, Robbo felt compelled out of retirement to defend his name; through this act, Bansky had brought to the surface the simmering dispute between ‘Real Graffiti’ and ‘Street Art’.

For two years Robbo and Bansky clashed. Their increasingly acrimonious battle was played out on the streets of London catching not only the attention of graffiti insiders but also of the art world.

As Robbo’s reputation grew, he was becoming widely feted as an artist to watch. Then, just as his star was rising, tragedy struck. In April 2011, Robbo suffered a life threatening head injury in an accident. He was put into an induced coma & is still in hospital receiving 24/7 care.

Now, one of the original contributors to London’s rich graffiti art tapestry needs all our support.

Robbo’s original graffiti crew members ‘We Rock Hard’ call on the help of friends and colleagues to show their support & raise funds for Robbo & his family. We have an incredible line up of DJs, including special guests, to spin some audio delights from Hip-Hop, & Funk, to Breaks & Electro.

Highly collectable Artists from the Street Art and Graffiti Art worlds will be donating original works for auction with Private and Public previews at Pure Evil Gallery in London from 1st - 3rd September.

Meanwhile a preview show will happen at the PURE EVIL gallery. Here’s what Charles from said gallery has to say….King Robbo fundraiser flyer

We’ve just started putting up a few of the pieces handed in so far for the Preview of the ROBBO auction @ Pure Evil Gallery
The preview of the auction opens Thursday evening at 6pm but some images of the work donated so far is up already because we want to get on it straight away… so far we have already raised abut £25,000 selling paintings and prints which is going towards Robbo and his family… he has a baby who is 1 year and 8 months old and other children and we’re trying to help the family out.

The guy is in a coma still, but he seems to be responding to some commands… anyone who has speculated about his injury and what actually happened to put him in hospital here’s the scoop: he fell outside his house and hit his head really badly on some stone steps and he has been in hospital ever since.

I don’t care about the graffiti / street art politics behind Banksy vs Robbo that’s just a falling out between 2 painters. In the bigger picture of things it’s meaningless. This is more important than all that, we’re just trying to help out a mate. He’s no angel but he’s had a hard knock (literally) and he needs our help.

The Preview at Pure Evil opens this Thursday evening, September 1st, at 6pm and can be viewed during the day on Friday and Saturday before the Sunday event and auction at Cargo.  Pure Evil gallery can be found at 108 Leonard St, London EC2A 4XS


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